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Jack Nicholson 1972 Mercedes Benz 600 22 Photos and video
All Mercedes-Benz 600s are special, and many were owned by extremely important people. And then there are the 600s that are famous, like this one.
International MXT Drives Through Water 7 Photos and video
For starters, there is going to be a slight language barrier with this video for most of our readers, as it comes to us from Saudi Arabia.
Life Sized Wooden Bugatti Veyron Costs Only $3,300 5 Photos and video
A workshop in Boyolali, Central Java in Indonesia is grabbing headlines for its beautifully handcrafted wooden replicas, highlighted here by a 1:1 scale version of the Bugatti Veyron.
Dodge Charger with a 5.9 liter straight six turbodiesel 4 Photos and video
Dodge Charger with a 5.9 liter straight six turbodiesel, this is just awesome.
Drag Racing Crash Compilation 8 Photos and video
A few years ago, a University of Iowa study confirmed what many had already believed to be true anyway: that crashes in racing are good for ratings.
900 Horsepower Fox Body Mustang vs Fast Supras 4 Photos and video
Street race featuring 900 Horsepower Fox Body Mustang vs Fast Supra, this is a very close match up.
Long-Wheelbase Range Rover by Lumma Designs 9 Photos
Germany's Lumma Design is laying claims to being the first tuner to offer a styling kit for the new Range Rover LWB that comes with a 200mm extended wheelbase over the regular model.
Middleton Ferrari 458 Crash 6 Photos
MIDDLETON — Two men were killed in a one-car crash in Middleton on Sunday evening, officials said.
Porsche 918 Spyder Tearing Up The Streets 4 Photos and video
While we may have seen and heard quite a lot about the incredible performance of the gorgeous Porsche 918 Spyder, seeing the car speeding on city streets and lifting off at a stoplight when the light turns green really puts things into perspective.
BMW Fail Videos 24 Videos Updated
BMW Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the BMW fails.
Audi RS7 Laps Hockenheim Without A Driver 11 Photos and video
Audi has showcased the RS7 piloted driving concept last weekend during the DTM season finale, following an announcement made a few days ago.
754bhp BMW M6 Gran Coupe in Java Green 19 Photos
A BMW M6 Gran Coupe finished with a Java Green exterior paint scheme has received a series of tweaks.
Marco Wittmann BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition 10 Photos
BMW M GmbH has released a limited series M4 DTM Champion Edition to honor Marco Wittmann’s title in the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) this year.
BMW 1-Series DTM Sport Edition 5 Photos
Following a report from last week, BMW has unveiled the 1-Series DTM Sport Edition.
Car Prank Videos 20 Videos Updated
Car Prank Videos, due to popular demand by our visitors we have added a Car Prank Videos Gallery that we will update regularly.
Cerberus Pearl McLaren P1 6 Photos
A while ago we had reported about baseball pitcher C J Wilson’s wild McLaren P1 being snapped. This P1 is finished in a one of its kind, cerberus pearl colour and the rims are finished in brushed gold.
Corvette Fail Videos 19 Videos Updated
Corvette Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Corvette fails.
Porsche 991 GT3 RS spied almost undisguised 9 Photos and video
Prototypes of the 2015 Porsche 911 GT3 RS wearing Georgia plates have been caught on camera in United States.
2015 Porsche 991 facelift to be all turbo 8 Photos
A report released by CAR says the forthcoming Porsche 911 facelift will kill almost all naturally aspirated engines.
12-Rotor Rotary Engine Is Insane 4 Photos and video
The overwhelming majority of rotary engines ever produced have been the two-rotor variety. This is because, quite simply, two is generally enough.
Hand Painted Corvette Stingray C7 Sells For $400,000 For Charity 3 Photos
GM has recently started a new project to help raise money for charity.
1000HP Porsche Turbo vs Nitrous BMW S1000RR Motorcycle 5 Photos and video
Props to the owner of the porsche for agreeing to go up against such a monster of a bike. These BMW's are some of the fastest bikes on the street in stock form, this one not only has bolt-ons but also a hefty shot of nitrous.
Fastest Quarter Mile Evo VIII Record 6 Photos and video
CONGRATS to Kings Performance / ProccoEvo for re-setting the US Evo 8 / Evo 9 E/T record at FL2K14! This thing is BADASS to see flying down the track, and they've got plenty more to go!!! This 2.0L 76mm Turbo powered and dog box shifted Evo VIII laid down some quick passes at FL2K.
Super Sleeper Toyota Starlet from Australia Runs 10s 5 Photos and video
If there had ever been a formula for measuring the success of a sleeper, it would probably have something to do with the gap between your expectations of a given car’s performance and the reality of it. In that case, this incredibly boring-looking Toyota Starlet from Australia is the king of all sleepers.
Citizen Pulls Over Cop in Unmarked Car 5 Photos and video
An unbelievable scene took place in Washington State when activist and former congressional candidate Gavin Seim turned the tables around a cop demanding his ID and giving him a warning for illegally patrolling in an unmarked car.
Car Crash Videos 8 Videos Updated
Car Crash Videos, we will be posting all the car crash videos our visitors send us in this gallery. We only post the crashes that we know no one was seriously hurt.
1300 Horsepower Diesel Pickup Truck 4 Photos and video
One of the great things about any video of any diesel-powered drag vehicle is that the drama is always heightened by the huge clouds of smoke.
2015 Audi TT Race Car 9 Photos and video
Audi has announced that it will launch a dedicated racing series for the TT called the Audi Sport TT Cup starting with next season.
Corvette Stingray C7 by Revorix 6 Photos
We’re now just a couple of weeks away from SEMA 2014, so tuners and manufacturers are slowly starting to preview what they have in store for the Las Vegas aftermarket extravaganza.
140lbs PSI Turbo Boost In These Diesel Drag Cars 4 Photos and video
Big diesel engines have some numbers which can sometimes sound insane to those more used to automotive engines, 26:1 compression being a good example.
Britains Best Drivers Car 2014 10 Photos and video
The daunting Castle Combe circuit in Wiltshire played host to Autocar's quest to determine the most entertaining and capable machine of the year.
Motorcycle Riders Vs Car Mirrors 5 Photos and video
Ensconced in our metal and glass boxes, when the road rage meter hits red there’s little we can do to express our wrath other than lean on the horn, scream some expletives, and throw the finger in the direction of the aggravator.
Car Prank Videos 17 Videos Updated
Car Prank Videos, due to popular demand by our visitors we have added a Car Prank Videos Gallery that we will update regularly.
Sharpie Car Art 18 Photos
Sharpie Car Art is a the Technic that only Sharpie pens have been used to achieve these results, this is basically like a tattoo job for your car. It sure is interesting.
675PS Audi S8 by ABT 11 Photos
As if their previous Audi S8 tune with 640PS (632hp) wasn't fast enough, ABT has found a way to fork a few more dozen ponies out of the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8.
MotorWeek - 2014 Ferrari Laferrari 5 Photos and video
MotorWeek test and review featuring the ultimate Ferrari 2014 Ferrari Laferrari.
Muscle Car Fail Videos 7 Videos Updated
Muscle car Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Muscle car fails.
Porsche 991 GT3 vs Race Semi Truck 6 Photos and video
Porsche 991 GT3 vs Race Semi Truck stopping test battle, which will stop faster.
Full South Park Handicar Episode 6 Photos and video
Set in autumn, the episode centers around South Park's favorite handicapped kid, Timmy, who comes up with the groundbreaking idea of chauffeuring passengers with his wheelchair attached to a red wagon to raise money for next year’s summer camp for the disabled.
Porsche 991 blue electric interior from Carlex Design 12 Photos
The Polish interior cabin specialists from Carlex Design have applied a blue electric theme on a Porsche 991.
Lamborghini Fail Videos 28 Videos Updated
Lamborghini Fail Videos, our visitors sent us exotic car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Lamborghini fails.
Arab Drift Fail Crash Compilation 8 Photos and video
Arab drifting is so mental, it is in a league all of its own and even has a name: Hagwalah. Signature traits of the automotive mayhem include driving recklessly at high speeds, popping side wheelies while hanging out of the window, and sporadic gunfire. All this tends to happen in the middle of the day on public highroads.
Ferrari celebrated its 60th anniversary in the US in Beverly Hills 9 Photos and video
Last weekend, Ferrari celebrated its 60th anniversary in the US by taking over Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills with some of the finest Prancing Horses in the country.
2015 ROUSH Mustang V8 Exhaust Sound 6 Photos and video
This is JUST our axle-back system - nothing else from the stock exhaust system has been removed besides the stock cans being replaced with our kit.
Bus Passenger Mobile Phone Battery Explodes in hand 9 Photos and video
Bus Passenger Mobile Phone Explodes in hands, China | Bursts into Flames in Wioman´s Face | Battery. Watch shocking moment mobile phone EXPLODES and bursts into flames in girl's hands.
Audi RS7 Autonomous Piloted Driving Concept 15 Photos and video
Audi unveiled the RS 7 Piloted Driving Concept car that will lap the Hockenheim track on October 17 and 19 at racing speed without a driver.
Tesla - Dual Motor and Autopilot 7 Photos and video
Tesla CEO Elon Musk reveals Dual Motor All Wheel Drive Model S and Autopilot.
Mitsubishi Evo Fail Videos 7 Videos Updated
Mitsubishi Evo Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Mitsubishi Evo fails.
Widebody Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 Shooting Flames 7 Photos and video
The company Armytrix has come up with a very loud titanium exhaust available for the Lamborghini. You can hear this widebody Lamborghini Aventador (an LP720-4 50th Anniversary) modified by LB-Performance doing a series of loud accelerations and revs followed by some huge flames, sounds awesome.
Woman Semi Driver Knocks Over Tree Onto A Truck 4 Photos and video
A truck driver "managed" to take down a tree while reversing and that tree fell on an innocent pick-up truck.
BMW M4 Coupe by Hamann 9 Photos
The company declined to provide details but the pictures reveal the model has been equipped with a front lip spoiler and a new hood. Moving further back, we see modestly revised side skirts and unique alloy wheels. Other notable highlights include rear diffuser fins and a prominent wing.
Porsche Fail Videos 20 Videos Updated
Porsche Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Porsche fails.
Sebastian Vettel Going To Ferrari Will Make Him The Highest Paid Driver Ever 10 Photos
During his years at Ferrari, when he won five Formula 1 world championships and set the record for the most championship wins of any driver in history, Michael Schumacher was being paid $31 million per year, making him the highest paid sportsman in the world.
This woman driver actually survived this car vs truck accident 3 Photos and video
It’s hard to believe just by watching the dashcam footage, but the young lady driving the Ford Focus survived this horrific accident that occurred in Belgium.
Felipe Massa Black LaFerrari spotted in Monaco 4 Photos
A brand new LaFerrari painted in Nero (black) has been photographed on the streets of Monaco.
2015 Ford Mustang GT vs 2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS 3 Photos and video
Carlos Lago pits the Chevrolet Camaro SS against the new Ford Mustang GT. Not only are both packing around 430 horsepower, but they both have the most aggressive handling packages available with their respective performance packs.
Alpha Omega GT-R Runs 7.70 at 186mph 4 Photos and video
Alpha/AMS Performance has reclaimed the Nissan GT-R quarter-mile record, with its Alpha Omega GT-R completing the run in an incredible 7.70 seconds @ 186 mph.
Dutch Motorcycle Gang Is Going To Fight ISIS 6 Photos and video
A Netherlands-based motorcycle club called “No Surrender” has reportedly joined the Kurds in battling ISIS.
Drag Race - 2015 Mustang GT vs 2012 Mustang GT 5 Photos and video
Watch American Muscle get stock 2015 Ford Mustang GT track results while also going head to head against our 2012 Mustang GT 5.0L! Who do you think will win.
Motorcycle Fail Videos 21 Videos Updated
Motorcycle Fail Videos, compilation of videos our visitors sent us updated regularly.
The Price is Right - Dream Car Week 17 Photos and video
Everybody’s favorite cheesy game show filled with audience members desperate to get on stage and take home a prize has begun what it calls "Dream Car Week".
Ferrari 458 Speciale vs Porsche 991 GT3 8 Photos and video
CAR magazine pitches the latest 2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale against the Porsche 991 GT3.
Hennessey HPE700 Twin Turbo Ferrari F430 Scuderia 5 Photos and video
Ben Norrell from Hennessey Performance test drives the HPE700 Twin Turbo Ferrari F430 Scuderia around the company's test track.
1969 Chevrolet Chevelle vs 1987 Buick GNX 5 Photos and video
In the latest episode of Generation Gap, Matt and Davin have brought the muscle. Matt’s pick, a 1987 Buick GNX, is arguably one of the best muscle cars to come out of the 1980s, with a McLaren Performance-tuned turbo-charged V-6 putting 245 hp and 360 ft.-lb.
1200bhp Minerva J.M. Brabazon supercar 6 Photos
The Minerva J.M. Brabazon supercar that was announced for the first time last year has been fully detailed.
Crash - Lamborghini Murcielago vs Daihatsu 5 Photos
Whether the driver of this Daihatsu city car was blinded by the bright yellow paint job on the Lamborghini Murcielago in front of him or was just having a really bad day, this unpleasant crash has resulted in severe damage to the Lambo's rear end, including its bumper, rear grille and exhaust tips.
Epic Car Pose Fail 18 Photos and video
Epic Car Pose Fail, here is a galley of people trying to look cool but they failed miserably.
Abandoned Lamborghini Countach 6 Photos and video
Clearly this isn’t something you see every day. In fact, it’s something you really shouldn’t be seeing at all. This absolutely perfect Lamborghini Countach was just abandoned on London’s Tower Bridge. Seriously, it was just left there.
Insane Mitsubishi Evo Rally Car Crash 4 Photos and video
The 2014 Magura Malastowska hillclimb in Poland was host to a truly unreal crash, and it was caught on video.
LaFerrari at VMax200 evoMax event 6 Photos and video
EVO takes a look at the recent VMax200 event, held at Bruntingthorpe, where a LaFerrari and many other exotics went flat-out.
2015 F80 M3 quarter-mile in 11.66 seconds at 119.24 mph 4 Photos and video
Ditching the naturally-aspirated V8 for an inline-six, the new BMW M3 may have dropped a couple of cylinders but it’s faster and more fun to drive than ever.
Carbon Fiber About To Get 90% Cheaper 8 Photos and video
Although it has become widely accepted as one of the current best available materials in the automotive world – reserved for the finest sports cars and carrying a heavy premium – carbon fiber has yet to begin trickling down to mass-produced, rationally-priced models.
Ferrari F60 America Unveiled in Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills 10 Photos and video
The limited-run Ferrari F60America has been filmed by YouTube supercar spotter Shmee.
Motor Trend - 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost 7 Photos and video
Carlos Lago drives the first turbo, four-cylinder Mustang in three decades: the EcoBoost. Featuring 310 hp and 320 lb-ft of torque, this Mustang should easily outpace the V-6 and, with half the cylinders, it also boasts less weight over the front end than the GT.
Street Race - 900HP Cadillac CTSV VS Lamborghini Huracan 5 Photos and video
Street Race featuring 900HP Cadillac CTSV VS Lamborghini Huracan.
Lamborghini Huracan vs McLaren 650s 6 Photos and video
Lamborghini Huracan vs McLaren 650s with a little drag race and driving hard in the rain.
Truck Load Fail 19 Photos
Truck Load Fail, here is a gallery of how not to load a truck.
670HP C63 vs Z06 vs M5 vs ML63 4 Photos and video
Drag Race Featuring Mercedes C63 AMG vs Corvette Z06 vs BMW M5 F10 vs Mercedes ML63 AMG.
997 Turbo vs Aventador vs ZR1 vs RS7 6 Photos and video
Drag Race featuring Porsche 997 Turbo vs Lamborghini Aventador vs Corvette ZR1 vs Audi RS7.
Street Racing Fail Videos 19 Videos Updated
Street Racing Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Street Racing fails.
Tecnica Lavinia - 800HP Electric Supercar from Italy 15 Photos
Italian company Tecnicar is currently working on an electric supercar, capable of reaching 300 km/h.
Fight - Is This NASCAR Or WWE 5 Photos and video
Matt Kenseth attacked Brad Keselowski tonight after tonight's NASCAR Bank of America 500 in Charlotte.
Paparazzi Scratches P Diddy Maybach 4 Photos and video
After P Diddy partied at a club with his old friend, J-Lo, in LA, he left with the usual barrage of paparazzi waiting for him, snapping hundreds of photos as he made an exit.
500HP Turbo 2L 4CYL GO KART 4 Photos and video
500HP Turbo 2L 4CYL GO KART, this gives new meaning to power to weight ratio.
The Pagani Test Driver - Davide Testi 7 Photos and video
Want to know how you get the job as Pagani's test driver? Want to know what it's like having the job? Of course you do.
Camaro Fail Videos 14 Videos Updated
Camaro Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Camaro fails.
1972 BMW 2002 Race Car Replica For Sale 30 Photos
This 1972 BMW 2002 (chassis 2537056) runs freshened, Ireland Engineering equipped suspension and various other mechanical upgrades.
Mercedes-AMG GT Sounds Like Gun Shots Going Off 7 Photos and video
In an enclosed area and with the sports exhaust mode turned on, the Mercedes-AMG GT S sounds like someone is firing a bunch of rounds.
Funny Car Pictures October 11 - 2014 30 Photos
Funny Car Pictures October 11 - 2014, thank you all for sending in these funny pictures.
Subaru WRX Fail Videos 9 Videos Updated
Subaru WRX Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Subaru WRX fails.
Drag Race - McLaren P1 vs Porsche 918 Spyder vs Ducati 1199 Superleggera 5 Photos and video
The McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder are two of the hottest hypercars on offer at the moment, but how well will they fare in a straight line against the fastest Ducati on sale? We pitch them both against a 1199 Superleggera to find out.
Mustang Fail Videos 14 Videos Updated
Mustang Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Mustang fails.
Dinan BMW Performance - Steve Dinan - Documentary 8 Photos and video
Strap in and go for a ride with Steve Dinan and his 675+ HP BMW M5. Then take a tour of the facility that designs, engineers and fabricates their own products for the BMW family of cars.
Mercedes AMG GT Night Package Unveiled 6 Photos
Having grabbed its fair share of headlines from the Paris Motor Show, now Mercedes has to start focusing on selling its hot new AMG GT.
2000HP Alpha Omega GT-R vs 2000HP UGR Twin Turbo Lambo 5 Photos and video
The 2,000hp Alpha Omega GT-R piloted by Ivan Phipps claims the overall King of the Streets Texas Invitational Title and becomes one of the most deserving cars of the "Lambo Killer" title people like to throw around after these races.
731HP Ferrari F60 America F12berlinetta Revealed 6 Photos
Only ten examples of the F60 America will be produced, and all are already spoken for. The going price is said to be about $3.2 million, assuming you were one of the lucky 10 invited to purchase the car.
691HP Tesla Model S P85D - 0-60 MPH in 3.2 Seconds 7 Photos and video
Tesla Motors has taken the wraps off the range-topping Model S P85D which brings a wide array of massive improvements.
Mercedes Secret Garage 34 Photos
Not-open-to-the-public string of Mercedes’s “Holy Halls.” These non-descript buildings are basically storerooms of Mercedes-Benz’s 900-odd-car vehicular archives. Every car is historically significant, whether it be a race winner, a record-holder, a concept, or just a one-of-a-kind piece of rolling history.
Police Tased Passenger Over Seat Belt Law 8 Photos and video
Tasered Passenger: 'My Civil Rights Were Just Thrown Out the Window'
Police in Hammond, Ill., broke a car window and tased Jamal Jones on Sept. 25. in an incident stemming from the state's seat belt law.
Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 vs Nissan GT-R HKS GT800 5 Photos and video
In this video you see a Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 with a sport exhaust system racing against a Nissan GT-R HKS GT800 at the Race55+ Performance Day at airfield Meinerzhagen in Germany.
BMW M235i with red M Performance parts 10 Photos
BMW Abu Dhabi currently has a BMW M235i equipped with M Performance parts on display.
2003 Dodge Viper With No Body For Sale 6 Photos
2003 dodge viper chassis runs and drives. Has 55,769 miles. 8.3 liter 505ci V10 500hp 525ftlbs torque, tremec t56 6 speed manual transmission.
Consumer Reports Tests The Lexus RC F 7 Photos and video
Consumer Reports snatched a new Lexus RC F and took the +450hp sports coupe for a spin to see what it's all about.
Holden Commodore Craig Lowndes SS V Special Edition - Offcial 10 Photos and video
Holden Brings V8 Supercars to The Road With The Craig Lowndes SS V Special Edition Commodore.
BMW Motorsport Touring Cars Movie 13 Photos and video
BMW Motorsport (or just M) is intrinsically linked to the world of, well… motorsport. The racing pedigree is in the name here, despite the fact that nowadays we see M badges on all manner of BMWs, some of which deserve them, others not.
Ferrari Fail Videos 31 Videos Updated
Ferrari Fail Videos, our visitors sent us exotic car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Ferrari fails.
1998 Subaru Forester With 2002 WRX Engine Swap 3 Photos and video
Typically we don’t define the Subaru Forester as anything particularly cool. It’s an impressive crossover and all, but really, it’s nothing special.
Range Rover Autobiography LWB Bejeweled by Kahn 6 Photos
Cream of the SUV crop upgraded by British styling specialist. Land Rover aftermarket specialist A. Kahn Design has gone right to the top for its latest styling kit, revealing an upgrade program for the Range Rover Autobiography LWB.
2015 GMC Duramax Runaway Motor Explodes 3 Photos and video
Pulled up to open gate, engine started to rev up, turned off ignition, engine never shut off. CRAZY Runaway! Tachometer red lined until it destroyed itself. Odometer reads 3378 miles! Still not sure of all the damage done.
Vandalised Bugatti Veyron in Seattle 2 Photos
This is possibly one of the most hilarious and aggravating acts of graffiti possible. A Bugatti Veyron was vandalised after a member of the public spray painted a massive male part on the hood while the car was parked up in Seattle, USA.
Jaguar XFR-S Show Off Crash 4 Photos and video
With the number of high end car crashes we’ve seen here at CarBuzz, it’s a wonder that there are any of those cars left, or that our roads aren’t choked with heaps of shattered and burning carbon fiber.
Drag Race - 850HP Mercedes E63 AMG Vs Other Fast Cars 4 Photos and video
It should be a no brainer: take a built-to-purpose sports car like the C6 Corvette ZR1, tune it to produce 850 horsepower, and pit it against a heavy four-door luxury sedan in a Russian drag race.
BMW Fail Videos 20 Videos Updated
BMW Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the BMW fails.
Brutal Train Hits A Tractor Trailer 4 Photos and video
There is some value to shooting video of basically everything all of the time. The insane things we’ve seen on Russian dash cams are some pretty solid evidence of this, but now we have a jaw-dropping example from right here in the US.
Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Testing At Vallelunga Piero Taruffi circuit 5 Photos and video
The Lamborghini Huracan GT3 has made its debut test run on the Vallelunga Piero Taruffi circuit. Filmed here as it prepares for the 2015 season, the Huracan GT3 - Lamborghini’s first complete in-house production of a GT3 car.
2016 Mercedes E-Class spied 11 Photos and video
A prototype of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W213) has been photographed while undergoing preliminary testing.
Corvette Fail Videos 16 Videos Updated
Corvette Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Corvette fails.
Insane Speed Bump In Jersey City 7 Photos and video
People flying over massive speed bumps in jersey city.
Super Widebody Porsche 993 by RWB 21 Photos
When Nakai-San of Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB) completes a project, you should take notice. This six-month labor of love came to an end just recently, with the 993-gen Porsche 911 receiving a total transformation.
2015 Porsche 991 GTS - Official 11 Photos and video
Stuttgart. Porsche is sending its second generation of the 911 Carrera GTS to the starting line. Four models – a coupe and a cabriolet, each with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive – now close the gap between the 911 Carrera S and the street-legal sports car optimised for the race track, the 911 GT3.
Mercedes S63 Coupe AMG For Sale In Dubai Dealership 12 Photos and video
Within weeks of customer deliveries beginning, the 2015 Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe has already popped up at a dealership.
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