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Girls of the 2014 LA Auto Show 19 Photos
This year’s LA Auto Show is up and running, but it was only during the press days when automakers had beautiful women posing next to their latest cars and trucks.
McLaren 625C public debut at Guangzhou Auto Show 14 Photos
Following its online reveal late September, the McLaren 625C Coupe has made its public debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China.
Car Prank Videos 28 Videos Updated
Car Prank Videos, due to popular demand by our visitors we have added a Car Prank Videos Gallery that we will update regularly.
Muscle Car Fail Videos 12 Videos Updated
Muscle car Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Muscle car fails.
City of Burbank California Police Now Have Electric Motorcycles 8 Photos
Once described by Patton Oswalt as the most boring city in America, the town of Burbank, California, has just bought a fleet of electric motorcycles from Zero Motorcycles for its police force.
Supercars and sports cars rendered as brutal Machines 21 Photos
Designer Khyzyl Saleem has presented some quite interesting renderings depicting different supercars or sports vehicles with custom tuning treatment.
Semi truck jumps over Lotus F1 car 17 Photos and Video
EMC teamed up with the Lotus F1 Team and managed to take down the Guinness World Record for a truck jump.
Chinese police seized Twelve Exotic Cars 3 Photos
The police in China have seized no less than twelve street racer’s supercars.
Black Ferrari F12 TRS In Spain 4 Photos
A black Ferrari F12 TRS has been spotted on the Circuito Monteblanco in south of Spain.
Drag Race - Mercedes A45 AMG vs BMW M3 E93 Convertible 4 Photos and Video
The Mercedes A45 AMG takes aim at the BMW M3 Convertible in this drag race.
Michelin Airless Tire Ready For Production 4 Photos and Video
The concept here isn’t an entirely new one. In fact, it isn’t even new for Michelin, which first introduced the concept of a wheel and tire combined into one piece (they have trademarked the name “Tweel”, seriously) back in 2005.
New 424bhp Porsche 991 Carrera 4 GTS 8 Photos and Video
Can Porsche's new £98,000 sports car successfully plug the gap between the standard Carrera S and the hardcore GT3? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.
London Supercar Infestation Getting Out of Control 4 Photos and Video
Summer is usually the time when supercars and various other ultraluxury machines begin popping up all over London.
Lamborghini Huracan vs Nissan GTR vs Ferrari FF 4 Photos and Video
Street race featuring Lamborghini Huracan vs Nissan GTR vs Ferrari FF.
Jay Leno Tests Out The Lightning LS-218 Electric Motorcycle 8 Photos and Video
Richard Hatfield takes Jay through the world's fastest production Sportbike - yes, it's all electric - that Carlin Dunne piloted to the win at Pike's Peak.
Tesla Model S by RevoZport 7 Photos and Video
Tesla motors just announced a new variant of Model S that redefines the performance of electric powered motoring: the P85D. A sedan w/ performance that we would normally expect from a supercar, the P85D will go from 0-60mph in merely 3.2 seconds while the topping out in excess of 250km/h.
Parallel Parking World Record 4 Photos and Video
Han Yue is the master of the parallel park. Back in 2012 he obliterated the then world record by squeezing a Mini into a space 15 cm longer than the car.
10 Hours Of Walking In NYC As A Lamborghini 4 Photos and Video
By now you’ve probably seen the video of the woman walking around New York City to demonstrate just how much women get harassed while out walking around.
Mercedes Is Thinking About Making A Faster A45 AMG 6 Photos and Video
The Mercedes A45 AMG is already a very fast car, the fastest hot hatch on the market. However, with the VW Golf R400 concept shown, perhaps it has given company execs reason to doubt it will retain the status until the end of its life, so they’re reportedly considering a more potent version.
Supercar Parking Fail 44 Photos
Supercar Parking Fail, check out some of these awesome parking fails our visitors sent us.
Lamborghini Fail Videos 34 Videos Updated
Lamborghini Fail Videos, our visitors sent us exotic car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Lamborghini fails.
1000bhp 2015 C7 Corvette Z06 by Hennessey 16 Photos
American tuner Hennessey has disclosed plans to offer three upgrade packages for the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06.
Adam Levine Can't Sing In a Nissan GTR 4 Photos and Video
In one of the odder, but still highly entertaining, cross promotions you'll ever see, Nissan put Adam Levine (we gather he's in some kind of band, and possibly a TV show, we don't know, girls seem to like him) in the passenger seat of a GT-R while a test driver took him on a high-speed lap of some city streets.
$3 Million Luxury Car Collection Burns In Moscow 5 Photos and Video
In the early hours of this morning, a well-heeled Russian’s multi-million-dollar luxury car collection was set ablaze in downtown Moscow in what police suspect to be a case of arson.
MotorWeek - Callaway Z28 and Corvette 4 Photos and Video
MotorWeek test and review featuring the Callaway Camaro Z28 and Chevy Corvette.
Kia Sorento X-Men 5 Photos
(SEOUL) November 21, 2014 - Kia Motors today announced details of a new collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to promote X-Men: Days of Future Past on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD and Kia's sponsorship of the Australian Open 2015.
Funny Car Pictures November 20 - 2014 36 Photos
Funny Car Pictures November 20 - 2014, thank you all for sending in these funny pictures. We have also added a few very funny none automotive pics to the mix.
Giant Sinkhole In Russia Has Opened 3 Photos
An immense hole opened up in the ground on Tuesday in a large Russian city near the Ural Mountains. The 100 to 130-foot wide sinkhole looks to have swallowed several homes.
Metallica Frontman James Hetfield Custom Hot Rod Black Pearl 16 Photos
Completely scratch-built, without a make or model, boasting a handmade body inspired by the tear drop contours of 1930’s European and American classics, the latest custom creation of Metallica frontman James Hetfield is called the Black Pearl, and it is a masterpiece.
725HP Galpin Fisker Rocket Based On 2015 Mustang unveiled 28 Photos
LOS ANGELES (November 20, 2014) – Galpin Auto Sports and Henrik Fisker finally took the wraps off of their "Ultimate American Muscle Car" today at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. Following a short press conference, Henrik Fisker and Galpin's President, Beau Boeckmann unveiled a low-volume production, carbon fiber-bodied, super-Mustang dubbed "Rocket.".
Mitsubishi Evo Fail Videos 12 Videos Updated
Mitsubishi Evo Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Mitsubishi Evo fails.
Gordon Ramsay Cars 13 Photos
Gordon Ramsay is the chef on TV that everyone is scared of. It just happens that he is also a car nut. Check out some of his awesome rides.
Chris Brown and his crazy Lamborghini Paint and Wraps 8 Photos
Recording artist, dancer and actor Chris Brown has built up quite a reputation over the recent years of brightening up his collection of Lamborghinis.
Rob Dyrdek New Ferrari F12 3 Photos
From hovercrafts to street jets, Rob Dyrdek has owned some badass cars but his new purchase is on another level.
Porsche Fail Videos 26 Videos Updated
Porsche Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Porsche fails.
Honda CBR-Powered Tuk Tuk Is Way Too Fast 2 Photos and Video
The TUK600 the most insane tuk tuk rickshaw ever created or even imagined. Check it drift,light up the rears, shoot, wheelie and donut while spitting 15ft flames.
6-Speed Manual Swapped 2002 Audi S6 Avant 14 Photos
This 2002 Audi S6 Avant was only offered in the USA with an automatic, but the seller has swapped in a 6-speed manual, likely from an S4.
Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo Concept 12 Photos and Video
There are concept cars and then there are concept cars which exist only in video games. The Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo would be one of the latter, and it is appropriately bonker.
Vettel replaces Alonso at Ferrari 3 Photos
Finally, the open secrets about Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel's futures became officially clear on Thursday.
2016 Chevrolet Volt Teaser 6 Photos
GM gave a sneak peak of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt to current owners tonight in Hollywood. Photos weren't allowed, but one picture sneaked through.
Chevrolet diesel-powered Colorado ZR2 concept 8 Photos and Video
LOS ANGELES – Chevrolet today introduced the Colorado ZR2 concept – a vision of how Chevrolet could take the all-new midsize truck’s off-road capability to the next level. It also showcases the new 2.8L Duramax diesel engine that will arrive in the Colorado lineup later next year.
Lexus LF-C2 concept 20 Photos
Lexus LF-C2 Concept Dazzles at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show With World Premiere of 2+2 Roadster.
Motorcycle Fail Videos 32 Videos Updated
Motorcycle Fail Videos, compilation of videos our visitors sent us updated regularly.
Wide Body Nissan GT-R on ADV1 Wheels 13 Photos
The R35-generation Nissan GT-R has established itself as a more grown up car than its predecessors. It looks more serious, it is a lot more technical, and it’s not really fond of extreme tuning jobs that previous models were built for.
Prior Design Wide Body Vehicles 22 Photos
The highlight of Prior’s portfolio is the GT850 wide body Audi R8, of which they have created a number of different editions. This kit gives the German super car the looks of a proper race car, what with the front splitter, rear diffuser, and that fixed wing – not to mention the wide fenders.
Land Wind X7 is a Range Rover Evoque Knockoff 78 Photos
We don’t know if you noticed it, but Landwind's, or rather Land Wind's [sic], new X7 looks like the Range Rover Evoque – a lot, actually.
Audi Prologue Concept 5 Photos
So one thing’s for sure: those ginormous front grilles are not going anywhere anytime soon. But the rest of Audi Prologue Concept shows a dignified and elegant design with calm and clever lines and exquisite little details that make the whole thing look more sophisticated.
Jay Leno Gives A Wounded Vet A Challenger Hellcat 4 Photos and Video
For a segment on The Today Show, the former Tonight Show host spent some time with Cpl. Laberge, who was wounded when a suicide bomber drove up to him in Afghanistan and detonated himself. The blast seriously wounded Laberge and killed his two colleagues.
Jon Olsson Audi RS6 DTM being Built 3 Photos
Jon Olsson lives a fabulous lifestyle. He has owned some of the fastest cars and is a regular participant in the Gumball 3000 rally.
2016 Cadillac ATS-V Sedan and Coupe - Official 32 Photos
LOS ANGELES – Cadillac today introduced the 2016 ATS-V, expanding the acclaimed ATS product range and elevating the brand’s elite high-performance V-Series to its next generation.
2015 Chrysler 300 - Official 74 Photos
Chrysler has unveiled the 2015MY 300 today on the dawn of the Los Angeles Auto Show, following a leak from September.
2015 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class - Official 53 Photos and Video
The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is making its world debut today at the Los Angeles Auto Shows.
Cool Automotive Pictures - November 19, 2014 44 Photos
Cool Automotive Pictures - November 19, 2014. Check out some of these cool automotive pictures our visitors sent us.
Street Racing Fail Videos 24 Videos Updated
Street Racing Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Street Racing fails.
SUBARU VIZIV GT Vision Gran Turismo 12 Photos
Subaru and Gran Turismo have officially unveiled the Viziv GT Vision Gran Turismo.
1990 BMW E30 Rally Car with Euro E36 M3 Engine 11 Photos
This 1990 3-series has been converted to rally spec and runs a swapped E36 M3 S50B30 good for 282 HP.
VL Destino Powered By 630 horsepower ZL1 Engine 7 Photos
Two things about the Fisker Karma: it’s absolutely gorgeous and it’s a shame that it’s a plug-in hybrid. Well, former GM VP of Product Bob Lutz wanted to do something about the latter.
Your SuperCar Is On Fire Prank App 4 Photos and Video
Here's one of those “Why didn't I think of that?” moments for you; a phone app that allows users to snap a picture of a car and Photoshop a fire or damages into the image.
What if your favorite sports car came in a truck version 10 Photos
You don’t necessarily have to like the design to admire a good pickup conversion. There’s just something innately special about taking a perfectly good sports car and slapping a truck bed at the back of it.
Camaro Fail Videos 19 Videos Updated
Camaro Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Camaro fails.
Porsche New Aerokit for the 991 Turbo and Turbo S 5 Photos
Porsche has released their new Aerokit for the 991 Turbo and Turbo S. These kits are available for the whole 911 model range (excluding the GT3 models) and they have been around since the 997.
Lexus LF-C2 concept teaser 6 Photos
Lexus is continuing the teasing game for their LF-C2 concept set to debut tomorrow at the Los Angeles Auto Shows.
2016 Mazda CX-5 facelift brochure leak 10 Photos
Several images depicting the interior cabin of the Mazda CX-5 facelift have emerged onto the we.
BMW M3 F80 vs BMW 1M Coupe 3 Photos and Video
Rolling race featuring BMW M3 F80 vs BMW 1M Coupe (ECU, Downpipe, Intercooler and CAI).
More pictures of a white 2015 Shelby GT350 Mustang 53 Photos and Videos
Here is more pictures of the all new 2015 Shelby GT350 Mustang this time in white color with blue stripes.
Audi Exclusive RS4 Avant 8 Photos
Presumably created for a German customer, the one-off model features a Peridot green exterior with gloss black mirror caps and matte black alloy wheels.
Subaru WRX Fail Videos 14 Videos Updated
Subaru WRX Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Subaru WRX fails.
Dating Website for Supercar Owners 8 Photos
Yes, owning something like a Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus, Lamborghini, etc. is a requirement. Other membership perks are sponsored events, such as networking parties, Michelin fine dining, stand-up comedy, clubbing and track days.
BMW M3 F80 bad crash 3 Photos
A brand new BMW M3 F80 was involved in a serious crash in South Africa earlier this month.
Tanner Foust Custom Garage And Porsche 912e 5 Photos and Video
Race car driver, TV personality and stunt driver Tanner Foust has recently bought a new dockside house but found that there wasn’t much room for his large collection of cars.
Gymkhana 7 - Ken Block - 845HP AWD Mustang 3 Photos and Video
Hoonigan, Ford and Need For Speed proudly present Ken Block’s Gymkhana SEVEN; Wild in the Streets: Los Angeles.
2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 - Official 7 Photos and Video
All-new Shelby® GT350 Mustang is a thoroughbred capable of tackling the world’s most challenging roads and racetracks.
Oldest known Batmobile being auctioned 7 Photos
What we have here is the oldest known batmobile which is currently being auctioned by Heritage Auctions.
Drag-Race - Porsche 911 vs Bentley Continental GT 2 Photos and Video
A Porsche 991 Carrera takes on the Bentley Continental GT in this drag race.
McLaren P1 vs Porsche 918 Spyder Track Battle 6 Photos and Video
You may have read the McLaren P1 v Porsche 918 Spyder review in the evo 200th issue spectacular earlier in 2014. It was an extraordinarily revealing test.
Ken Block Driver With Chris Harris Passenger 8 Photos and Video
Ken Block giving a ride to the automotive journalist Chris Harris in his Mustang #Hoonicorn RTR for the #GymkhanaSEVEN.
Patrick Dempsey Porsche 991 GT3 Cup Design 7 Photos
Best known for his role in Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey is an accomplished racing driver and a huge Porsche enthusiast.
Forgiato Wheels at 2014 SEMA 37 Photos
This is obviously not something you would want to miss, so hit the gallery below and compare the wheel designs, finishes, and the choice of cars with ADV1’s collection and see which one you like better.
Underground Racing twin-turbo Lamborghini Huracan 4 Photos
Lamborghini tuning specialists from Underground Racing have released first images and details about its twin-turbo project for the Huracan.
Audi R8 GT Spyder stolen from German car dealer 3 Photos
A limited-run Audi R8 GT Spyder along with two other sports cars were stolen from a dealer in Germany last night.
Wanabe Supercar Fail 45 Photos
Wanabe Supercar Fail, here is a gallery of cars that failed to replicate the real thing. Thank you all that sent in these pictures.
German Audi-VW Dealership Had Wheels Stolen Form Cars On The Lot 6 Photos
Auto Center Mühlenbruch had a bad day today as employees turned up to work only to find that some thieves had jacked up the cars, stolen the alloy wheels and left them to rest on bricks, some even just left standing on the brake discs.
1100HP 9 Second Turbo Jeep Grand Cherokee 4 Photos and Video
1100hp turbo Jeep Grand Cherokee built by D3 Engineering. It ran a best time of 9.56@145mph.
BMW X4 M Performance Parts 14 Photos
Having spied a BMW X4 wearing M Performance parts recently, a range of performance upgrades for the BMW X4, both mechanical and cosmetic in nature, will be showcased at the 2014 Essen Motor Show later this month.
Barrier Slams Down On Bugatti Veyron 2 Photos and Video
Three Bugatti Veyron’s took over London yesterday for the launch of the new Bugatti fashion boutique.
Sultan of Brunei Ferrari F40 and F50 Collection 12 Photos and Video
The Ferrari F40 is one of the most revered supercars of all time. It may not be the fastest, the best handling or the easiest to drive, but that Pininfarina shape and its no-frills character have ensured it a place in history.
Drag Race - McLaren P1 vs Bugatti Veyron 3 Photos
In this video by 4WheelsOfLux, a yellow McLaren P1 can be seen tearing down a stretch of road alongside a Veyron 16.4 and Veyron Vitesse as part of the Supersprint UAE event.
Jeremy Clarkson Fail - Top Gear Live Rehearsals 6 Photos and Video
Jeremey Clarkson attempted a 0 - 60 mph - 0 run during the rehearsals for the Top Gear Live UK Arena tour but it didn't go as planned.
Exomotive Exocet - Ariel Atom like car with LS3-Powered V8 4 Photos and Video
To be fair, calling the Exomotive Exocet an answer to the Ariel Atom isn't really correct. The cars are both minimalist track day machines, but the Atom is so much more expensive that it's fairly absurd to compare them.
Drag Race - BMW M5 vs Mercedes E63 AMG wagon 3 Photos and Video
Drag Race featuring mega 4 doors the BMW M5 vs Mercedes E63 AMG wagon.
Lazzarini Alfa Romeo 4C Definitiva With Ferrari Twin-Turbo V8 10 Photos
If you're not pleased about Alfa's move to give their first relatively affordable mid-engine sports car a 4-cylinder engine, then perhaps you should hear what Lazzarini Design has to propose for the 4C.
BMW M3 and M4 receive new M Performance parts 16 Photos
New aerodynamic components for the BMW M3, BMW M4 Coupe and BMW M4 Convertible.
Funny Car Pictures November 14 - 2014 22 Photos
Funny Car Pictures November 5 - 2014, thank you all for sending in these funny pictures. We have also added a few very funny none automotive pics to the mix.
Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique in London 7 Photos
Bugatti has inaugurated its first lifestyle boutique in London and plans to build up to 30 exclusive stores worldwide over the next five years.
Guided Tour Of The Cars from Furious 7 4 Photos and video
The Fast and Furious movie franchise, which is about to release its seventh movie, is one of those love/hate things in the world of gearheads.
Quad Drone Race Against a Hot Girl in a Ferrari 458 4 Photos and video
Camera drones are currently doing some pretty amazing things for the world of amateur video artists, not to mention no small number of pros.
Vintage Race Car Crashes 24 Photos
Vintage Race Car Crashes, here is a few Vintage Race Car Crash pictures our visitors send us.
2 Girls and monster truck - Blindfold Slalom Challenge 4 Photos and video
Undertaking any task while blindfolded normally involves someone else guiding you. It’s a test of trust. Piloting a car through a slalom course – and your car at that – while wearing a blindfold also takes a big pair of balls, or in this case whatever the female equivalent of that is.
McLaren 650S with McLaren F1 driver Kevin Magnussen 4 Photos and video
BilVideo had the opportunity to be a co-driver with McLaren Formula 1 driver Kevin Magnussen during the charity event "Racing Festival 2014" in Roskilde, Denmark.
Luckiest Pedestrian in The World 4 Photos and video
We know that we say this a lot, but Russian dash cams are the greatest thing to happen to the internet since porn. Admittedly making them a very distant second.
Rolls-Royce Maharaja Phantom Drophead Coupe - Official 5 Photos
The Rolls-Royce Maharaja Phantom Drophead Coupé, a one-of-a-kind Bespoke vehicle created exclusively for customers in Dubai, was unveiled yesterday at an Indian-themed evening event held in celebration of the car’s arrival at the AGMC Rolls-Royce showroom.
2015 Ford Everest - Official 24 Photos and video
Following last week's teaser, Ford has fully revealed the all-new Everest which is programmed to go on sale next year.
Lap with Kimi Raikkonen in a Ferrari F12 4 Photos and video
Auto Express buckles-up for a super-sideways blast around Fiorano with Formula One iceman Kimi Raikkonen.
Armored Mercedes GL vs AK-47 3 Photos and video
Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) released a video in which they showcase their windshield can resist to an AK-47 fire assault.
Rear End - Kim Kardashian vs Nissan GTR Nismo 2 Photos
Amazingly, the internet survived Kim Kardashian's butt-shot for her 'Paper Magazine' cover, but not without bursting a cracking number of responses.
Cool Automotive Pictures - November 12 2014 32 Photos
Check out some of these cool automotive pictures our visitors sent us.
Top Gear - LaFerrari - McLaren P1 - Porsche 918 8 Photos
It has been long awaited but finally all three of the latest hybrid hypercars are together and being contested.
$27 Million Worth Supers Cars Road Trip 4 Photos and video
The Dubai Super Sprint took place last weekend in the supercar-loving city, where some of the most lustworthy and sought-after exotics gathered on the streets.
Army camo wrapped Tesla Model S 6 Photos
Tesla Motors and SS Customs have applied a custom wrap on a Model S as a method to celebrate this year's Veterans Day.
5-Speed Six Liter 1988 AMG Hammer Widebody Coupe 8 Photos
This 1988 Mercedes Benz 300CE was converted to AMG Hammer spec from new, and though it’s not clear which of the model’s two “base” V8’s it was originally equipped with, it is known that the Affalterbach firm swapped in a range-topping 6.0 version of their 32V M117 in 1990.
Weirdest Motorcycles Ever Made 28 Photos
Weirdest Motorcycles Ever Made, here are a few our visitors sent us.
Girl with high heels and a manual Porsche 911 4 Photos
We're guessing that, for people who have never worn them, it is a mystery how anyone could possibly even walk in high heels, let alone do something more complicated with their feet.
2015 Dodge Charger HellCat Acceleration and Burnout 4 Photos and video
2015 Dodge Charger HellCat Acceleration and Burnout, love the sights and sounds with over 700 horsepower.
Jenson Button 2004 BAR Honda F1 For Sale 8 Photos
This is one of the most rarest opportunities in life, own a Formula 1 car that has been owned by Mr. Jenson Button. This F1 car was used in the F1 season back in 2004, now ten years and many cars later, Mr. Button decides to sell his BAR Honda F1 which still is in mint condition.
Sebastian Vettel unofficially confirmed he will be a Ferrari driver 4 Photos
Sebastian Vettel has unofficially confirmed that he will be a Ferrari driver in 2015.
Scion iM concept - Official 4 Photos
European Racing Circuit Styling and Hatchback Versatility for Scion’s Adventurous Audience.
Sam Pack Car Collection to be Auctioned 20 Photos
There is an interesting thing going on in the world of classic cars right now. In the very recent past, several huge collections have been liquidated, a much higher number than usual.
1050 bhp LaFerrari XX Spied 12 Photos and video
New details are starting to emerge about the LaFerrari XX, ahead of its debut at the Ferrari Finali Mondiali event in Abu Dhab early next month.
BMW i8 Crash In Thailand 4 Photos
The first reported crash of BMW’s brand new i8 hybrid sports car has occurred in Thailand. What’s surprising is that the crash took place last October, but only came to light a few days ago. The i8 was hit by a Nissan Navara near the shore of Thailand, inflicting damage on the right door.
Mustang Fail Videos 19 Videos Updated
Mustang Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Mustang fails.
Funny or Die - Lexus CT 200h vs BMW i3 4 Photos and video
Lexus has been about as subtle as a brick in promoting the CT200h hybrid, taking aim directly at the BMW i3 in this ad created with Funny or Die! In it, a group of guys head to Las Vegas for a “Dad’chelor party,” in order for a father-to-be to get off his tits for one last time before he has to help bring up a child.
Big Rig Doing Donuts Looks Cool Until It Hits The Fence 4 Photos and video
Big Rig Doing Donuts Looks Cool Until It Hits The Fence. The best part is that the driver still needs to be signaled to stop, since he likely didn't even notice what had happened.
2016 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe - Official 11 Photos and video
Official images of Cadillac's all-new 2016 ATS-V have made their way onto the web affording us our first look at America's answer to the BMW M4 and Mercedes C63 Coupe.
First 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Convertible Crash 4 Photos
The first reported crash involving a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. The incident took place on the I-94 highway in Michigan over the weekend, with the driver of the hi-po convertible losing it on the wet road before taking out another car and plying headfirst into the protective wire barriers of the grass median strip.
Jet Powered Bicycle vs Ferrari F430 Hits 207MPH 5 Photos and Video
Frenchman Francois Gissy piloted his rocket-powered bicycle to a record-breaking speed of 207 mph. While showing a Ferrari 430 Suderia who’s boss, Nissy destroyed his old record of 163 mph on the rocket-propelled bike designed by his friend Arnold Neracher.
Volvo Trucks vs Koenigsegg One:1 7 Photos and Video
In this ultimate challenge, a Volvo FH truck races against a Koenigsegg One:1. Two completely different vehicles end up in a thrilling fight to win. Behind the wheel of the Volvo FH truck is TV presenter and former racing driver Tiff Needell.
1970 Oldsmobile Cruiser vs 2012 Ferrari FF 4 Photos and Video
Matt and Davin compare family cruisers. With its six-figure price tag and top speed of 208 mph, you¹re unlikely to see Matt¹s selection, a 2012 Ferrari FF, waiting to pick up the kids at school.
2014 SEMA Aftermarket Show Picture Gallery 314 Photos
2014 SEMA Aftermarket Show Picture Gallery, here is the entire show in one gallery with over 300 pictures.
McLaren P1 crash in Japan 3 Photos
A McLaren P1 was involved in a minor accident in Japan where for some reasons the supercar hit a highway toll booth.
Pagani Huayra replica from China 10 Photos
An independent coachbuilder from China with too much spare time on his hands decided to create a replica of the Pagani Huayra.
Drag Race - Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R vs Nissan R35 GT-R 8 Photos and Video
A tuned R33 Nissan Skyline takes on the new Nissan GT-R in this epic drag race.
Italian man destroys his own Fiat 500 for not starting 1 Photo
It was only last week when Consumer Reports named the Fiat 500 L the least reliable car on sale today and now we have the living proof for that.
MY2015 model Nissan GT-R Details Leaked 4 Photos
Nissan is planning a new release of the Nissan GT-R on the 25th of November, according to a secret document which leaked via the website GT-R Otaku. During the 2014 Tokyo Motor Show, the Japanese brand will showcase the MY2015 model series including two new model variants and a series of smaller upgrades to the standard model.
American Muscle Cars From SEMA 2014 156 Photos
Funny Car Pictures November 10 - 2014, thank you all for sending in these funny pictures. We have also added a few very funny none automotive pics to the mix.
Funny Car Pictures November 10 - 2014 32 Photos
Funny Car Pictures November 10 - 2014, thank you all for sending in these funny pictures. We have also added a few very funny none automotive pics to the mix.
Swedish Nissan GT-R Police Car Lookalike 4 Photos
Roaming around the streets of Gothenburg, the car was drawing attention in police livery except for one discrepancy – it isn’t actually owned by the police.
Red Bull F1 Car on Sale 7 Photos
An individual in Britain has just listed his car for sale. He is asking £250,000 for it, which sounds a bit steep, considering the car in question is second hand, has only one seat, and no boot… Until you realize it is actually a genuine and fully functioning 2007 Red Bull F1 car.
Autocross Driver Fighting Spectators 4 Photos and video
Bad behavior on the part of racing drivers has unfortunately been getting a lot of attention lately, and we're afraid that this isn't going to help at all.
Jeep Crashes Into Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 At SEMA 8 Photos and video
To the credit of the Liberty Walk guys, they seemed to take the crash much better than we expected.
Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta Review 8 Photos and video
Jethro Bovingdon goes topless in the new 458 Speciale A despite some very wet Italian weather. Can losing its roof soften the ultra-sharp 458 Speciale?
Most Insane Farm Buggy Driving And Stunts 8 Photos and video
Professional Driver. One-Of-A-Kind Heavily Modified Vehicle. Do Not Attempt. “XP1K2” is a seven-minute onslaught of intense off-road road action, set in a massive 600-acre forest near Mt. Baker, Washington.
Flo Rida Bugatti Veyron wrap 12 Photos and video
Flo Rida, the rapper, not the 27th state, likes to have his Bugatti Veyron dressed in foil wraps.
20th anniversary - Volvo V60 Polestar and Volvo 855 T5-R 8 Photos
20 years of performance Volvo estates – The 855 T5-R and V60 Polestar.
Crashed Ferrari Enzo For Sale 5 Photos and video
Have you always dreamed of owning a Ferrari Enzo but couldn’t afford or justify the amount? Well here is a deal you can’t miss.
Vencer Sarthe - Supercar From Holland 8 Photos and video
An all-new supercar conceived by an ex-plumber from Holland doesn’t sound promising but the reality is different, as Steve Sutcliffe discovers.
Insane Motorcycle Jump Off A Ski Slope 6 Photos and video
A jump for the record books, Robbie “Maddo” Maddison also known as the modern-day Evel Kneviel attempts yet another death defying aerial feat-as he takes over the Utah Olympic Park in Park City, Utah, a setting that is more improbable, and impressive, than ever.
Most Beautiful Engines Ever Made 10 Photo
Most Beautiful Engines Ever Made, here are a few best looking engines ever made.
2015 McLaren Sports Series teased 1 Photo
McLaren has released the first official picture of their upcoming Sports Series.
1980 Mercedes 230C With V8 Chevy Motor Swap 11 Photos
This 1980 230C is a European market car that’s had its factory four swapped out for a crate Chevy 350.
Koenigsegg Rage renderings 6 Photos
Graphic artist Maher Thebian has virtually envisioned the future entry-level model of Koenigsegg.
Scary Super Trike Dyno Run 4 Photos and video
You’ve probably seen things go wrong on a dyno before, unless YouTube is blocked where you live. Just the fact that you’re trying to keep something in place which wants nothing more than to go, should tell you that things won't go smoothly.
Girls of SEMA 2014 23 Photos
We're well aware that the booth babes at car shows attract people’s attentions just as much as the cars. And it is in this spirit that we have compiled a gallery of some of the hottest girls from SEMA 2014.
Drag Race - Porsche 991 Cabriolet vs BMW M135i 5 Photos and video
Auto Express pits two very different cars against each other for this drag race - the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet and BMW M135i.
Supercar Fail Pictures 36 Photos
Check out some of these awesome Supercar Fail Pictures our visitors sent us, we can't stop laughing at some of these.
215HP 2015 Nissan Juke Nismo RS Review By CNET 8 Photos and video
The profile buyer of a 2015 Nissan Juke Nismo RS is hard to peg down. He or she wants their car to be compact-sized, but a crossover, yet also fill the role of hot hatch and fashion accessory at the same time.
400 Horsepower Toyota GT 86 By Monstaka 8 Photos and video
It might be true that the Scion FR-S (or the Toyota GT 86, depending on where you live) doesn't pack a whole lot of power from the factory, but that's what tuning is for, and this is one impressive kit.
2015 GMC Yukon Denali and Yukon Denali XL - Official 16 Photos
DETROIT – Thanks to the addition of an all-new 8-speed automatic transmission, the updated 2015 GMC Yukon Denali and Yukon XL Denali models now lead several competitors in horsepower, torque and highway fuel economy ratings.
Ferrari Fail Videos 37 Videos Updated
Ferrari Fail Videos, our visitors sent us exotic car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Ferrari fails.
2015 Audi RS Q3 facelift - Official 20 Photos and Video
Up to 17 percent lower fuel consumption and up to 10 hp more power
The five-cylinder engine in the new RS Q3 delivers 340 hp – 30 hp more
Since its market launch in fall 2011, the Q3 model series has been a successful model for the Audi brand.
W70 Supercar by Exotic Rides 7 Photos
Let's just start off by saying that this company, which claims it will be making deliveries on their supercar by next year, does not have a webpage.
550HP Widebody BMW F82 M4 GTRS4 by Vorsteiner 4 Photos and Video
Vorsteiner took the wraps off their new GTRS4 based on the BMW F82 M4 at SEMA in Las Vegas.
Movie Future Cars 10 Photos
Here is a few of the cars we have seen in futuristic movies, we like the Lexus form Minority report and Audi form I-Robot the best.
1971 Chevy Corvette Stingray Jimmie Johnson Concept 8 Photos
Chevrolet will be making the Stingray’s LT1 block available to hotrodders in January, and what better way to introduce the 460-hp powerplant than by dropping the crate engine into Jimmie Johnson’s 1971 Corvette Stingray.
GoPro Visits The Streets of Japan With Supercars 8 Photos and Video
As some of you might have seen in GoPro´s teaser videos, they recently met with some of Japan´s biggest petrolheads.
Land Rover SVO and Holland most luxurious and expensive Rover ever 7 Photos
Unique Holland & Holland Range Rover embodies craftsmanship of two iconic British marques, both associated with luxury outdoor pursuits.
McLaren P13 will be called Sports Series 3 Photos
Scheduled to premiere on the world stage in the second quarter of 2015, McLaren has now confirmed that its latest model, previously referred to only by its internal codename ‘P13’, will be known as the McLaren Sports Series. It will join the range below the 650S, bringing McLaren credentials and exclusivity to the sportscar segment for the first time.
Jaguar All Wheel Drive F-Type Announced 7 Photos and Video
All-wheel-drive is one of a number of performance enhancements to the Jaguar F-TYPE range - the new F-TYPE range will debut at the LA Auto Show on 19 November 2014.
Supermodel Smashes Ferrari 458 With Sledgehammer 5 Photos and Video
Gentlemen, here’s why you do not cheat on your supermodel girlfriend with another supermodel. Scratch that. Here’s why you simply do not cheat on the lady in your life, especially if you’ve got a car like the Ferrari 458 and a sledgehammer in your garage.
Ford Racing Mustang GT King Cobra - Official 8 Photos and Video
New “King Cobra” parts package 2015 Mustang GT concept unveiled at SEMA Show.
BMW Fail Videos 27 Videos Updated
BMW Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the BMW fails.
Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe vs Porsche Panamera Turbo S 8 Photos and Video
Auto Express hit the streets of Birmingham and the test track to see which is best - the Mercedes S63 AMG coupe or the Porsche Panamera Turbo S.
MotorWeek - BMW E30 M3 8 Photos and Video
MotorWeek - Retro Revival - BMW E30 M3. This car is shaping up to be the ultimate BMW classic.
Shelby Mustang GT/SC XCAR Review 8 Photos and Video
There’s a certain stigma many Europeans have regarding American cars. Some see them as big, loud, and cheaply built with way too much plastic throughout the interior. OK, some of that maybe true, but it’s hard to argue with just how amazingly well American automakers do cheap speed.
Hyundai SEMA 2014 Show Concepts 57 Photos
A similar approach was used by Blood Type Racing for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, with the Chicago-based tuner creating the most-powerful 2.0-liter Genesis Coupe ever built. Using a high-boost Precision Turbo turbocharger, strengthened and fully balanced internal components, a custom intake, intercooler, full exhaust kit and nitrous injection, BTR extracted almost 1,000-crank horsepower from the engine.
800HP BMW M6 Gran Coupe by PP-Performance 8 Photos and Video
Many people think that BMW 6 series Gran Coupé was actually the nicest BMW, offered by the Munich car company. One of the fastest, the top model M6 is in any case, not only subjectively, but also corresponding to the manufacturer's technical data sheet. Nevertheless, as it is often in life, there are customers who are simply not satisfied by 560 serial HP. Also in the car's outer appearance they see some need for optimization.
Dubai Free Supercar Taxi Service 5 Photos
Dubai is well known for surprising the rest of the world with its over the top police, ambulance and civil defence vehicles. But what about the taxi service?
845HP Ken Block Ford Mustang 8 Photos
Spied last month and sitting menacingly at Ford's SEMA show booth, Ken Block’s Hoonicorn RTR Mustang has just been unveiled ahead of its starring role in Gymkhana Seven. A complete one-off, and the world’s first performance all-wheel-drive 1965 Mustang notchback, the retro-mod is a collaborative effort between Block, Hoonigan and RTR.
2015 Lexus NX 200t F SPORT by 360 Elite Motorworks 8 Photos
The SEMA Motor Show continues as Lexus has taken the wraps off a one-off NX 200t F SPORT.
2016 Mazda MX-5 Race Car 29 Photos
After you're done gawking at the pictures and thinking how sweet the 2016 MX-5 looks all dressed up for racing, you'll be pleased to learn that this Miata heralds a new Global Cup series.
2015 Porsche Cayenne and Cayenne GTS - Official 10 Photos and Video
Stuttgart. The new Cayenne GTS announces its outstanding sporting character in its very name. The letters GTS go back to the famous 904 Carrera GTS of 1963. In 2007, the Cayenne GTS became the first Porsche of the modern era to revive the acronym. Since then GTS has stood at Porsche for especially sporty models.
Funny Car Pictures November 5 - 2014 36 Photos
Funny Car Pictures November 5 - 2014, thank you all for sending in these funny pictures. We have also added a few very funny none automotive pics to the mix.
2015 Lexus RC F by Gordon Ting and VIP Auto Salon 23 Photos
First up, the Gordon Ting / Beyond Marketing RC F features a carbon fiber front splitter and carbon fiber side diffusers. The model also has a coilover suspension, Brembo brakes and 20-inch alloy wheels with Yokohama Advan Sport tires.
1100HP VW Golf vs 1000 Plus Horsepower Cars 4 Photos and Video
Cars have become a lot more powerful in recent years, but they’ve also gotten much heavier at the same time.
5850HP 2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper 20 Photos
Can you think of any better car to create a sleeper than the Toyota Camry? Okay, perhaps the N.A. VW Passat too, but that's beside the point, which in this case, is an 850+HP, V8-powered 2015 Camry.
Corvette Fail Videos 22 Videos Updated
Corvette Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Corvette fails.
550HP Hyundai Genesis AR550 Concept 16 Photos
Hyundai is welcoming SEMA Show visitors to its imaginary "what if we made a tuned BMW M5 and Mercedes E63 AMG challenger" (for the Fast & Furious crowd, we'd add…) world with the ARK Performance Genesis AR550.
Widebody Mercedes E-Coupe and Cabrio by TC-Concepts 8 Photos
The EXESOR is a relatively old but still pretty amazing styling kit made by TC-Concepts for the Mercedes E-Coupe and Cabrio. Originally developed for the Type 207 E-Coupe, the kit should fit the later facelift models, giving them all a bolder, more aggressive look.
Ice Blue Chrome Wrap BMW M4 8 Photos
CThis car is not the first chrome BMW M4, but the first we know with ice blue added to the mix. Sure, it’s a bit too showy, but the whole point of wrapping your car in such color is to make it stand out, and on that front this is a job well done. Plus, the wrap has been done very tastefully and improved in places with silver and black accent.
725 Horsepower 2015 Ford Mustang RTR 8 Photos
Having its official debut at the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas is this wonderful thing: the 2015 Ford Mustang RTR. Developed with Vaughn Gittin Jr. and based on the all-new Mustang (obviously), the overall focus was adding power and improving performance, as well as giving the exterior a bit of extra attitude.
2015 Chevrolet COPO Camaro Racing - SEMA 3 Photos
Chevrolet has introduced the fourth edition of the factory-built COPO Camaro race car at the SEMA Show, of which only 69 will be built.
Lamborghini Aventador Catches Fire From Its Own Exhaust 5 Photos and Video
Lamborghini Aventador Catches Fire From Its Own Exhaust. The fire was put out shortly after this video finishes and the driver later reported very minor cosmetic damage to one of the rear grills.
Cool Automotive Pictures - November 4 2014 24 Photos
Check out some of these cool automotive pictures our visitors sent us..
Hideous tuned cars part 6 21 Photos
Hideous tuned cars part 6, another month and another set of super ugly modified cars.
775HP Steeda 2015 Ford Mustang 1 Photo
You didn't think that Steeda would stop at cat-back exhausts, filters and wheel upgrades for the new 2015 Mustang, did you?
Car Crash Videos 13 Videos Updated
Car Crash Videos, we will be posting all the car crash videos our visitors send us in this gallery. We only post the crashes that we know no one was seriously hurt.
12 Seconds Golf Cart 3 Photos and video
12 Seconds Golf Cart by PQ Golf Cart. It just sped through at 118 MPH, finishing in 12.24 seconds.
Chairman of BMW Club Japan Masakuni Hosobuchi received restored BMW M1 4 Photos
MMasakuni Hosobuchi, the chairman of BMW Club Japan, has received a fully restored BMW M1 at the BMW Welt.
Drag Race - 650Hp BMW X6 M Vs 630HP Ferrari 458 Spider 4 Photos and video
Courtesy of Shmee150, we have a classic half-mile drag between a BMW X6 M putting down 650 hp to all four wheels and a rear-drive Ferrari 458 Spider tuned to 630 hp by Evoms.
DPagani Huayra With Custom Exhaust 7 Photos and video
In building the Huayra, Pagani perfected every aspect of the handbuilt hypercar.
Manchester United Players Refuse To Drive Camaros and Corvettes 11 Photos
Manchester United sponsor Chevrolet has provided a fleet of free cars to use but the players haven't driven them at all.
Chevrolet Colorado Performance concept - Official 7 Photos
Motocross legend Ricky Carmichael has the perfect go-anywhere transporter in the all-new Chevrolet Colorado for his motorcycle, mountain bike and the gear that goes with them.
Drag Race - Tesla Model S vs TVR Tuscan S 5 Photos and video
Can the electric Tesla Model S beat the TVR Tuscan S in this drag race shoot-out?
Mercedes G-Code concept - Official 12 Photos and video
Mercedes-Benz has taken the wraps off an interesting concept called G-Code, a very compact crossover destined for urban use.
Blueprints to Build Your Own Batmobile 8 Photos
Many believe Tim Burton’s vision of the Batman universe to be the best one of them all, with Joel Schumacher’s Batman firmly at the very bottom of the rankings. And perhaps 1989’s Batman had the greatest Batmobile as well.
Car Prank Videos 24 Videos Updated
Car Prank Videos, due to popular demand by our visitors we have added a Car Prank Videos Gallery that we will update regularly.
Muscle Car Fail Videos 10 Videos Updated
Muscle car Fail Videos, our visitors sent us a few car fail videos so we made a gallery of all the Muscle car fails.
2015 Chevrolet Camaro Commemorative Edition - Official 4 Photos
LAS VEGAS – Chevrolet revealed the 2015 Camaro Commemorative Edition at the SEMA Show today. The special edition celebrates the success of the fifth-generation Camaro – which is on track to be America’s best-selling performance car for five consecutive years – and marks the final year for the fifth generation. The special edition goes on sale this spring.
16 Year Old Picking Up Girls With A Nissan GTR 4 Photos and video
16 Year Old Picking Up Girls With A Nissan GTR, with so many of these types of videos going around its hard to know whats real or fake.
Furious 7 - Official Trailer 11 Photos and video
Furious 7 - Official Trailer (HD). In Theaters and IMAX April 3, 2015. Looks good enough for us to head to he theaters.
Neglected And Dirty Supercars 39 Photos
Neglected And Dirty Supercars, we just don't understand how could anyone treat these works of art this way.
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