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Rezvani Retro RR1 Based On The Porsche 911

Rezvani Retro RR1 Based On The Porsche 911

Rezvani Motors, traditionally known for its armored vehicles, has ventured into the classic sports car market with the launch of its Rezvani Retro RR1, a modern reinterpretation of the iconic Porsche 911. Available in three distinct versions, the RR1 offers horsepower configurations ranging from 550 to 750, appealing to both street drivers and track enthusiasts.

For those looking to own a piece of this retro-modern marvel, the starting price is set at $149,000, not including the cost of the donor chassis which the buyer must provide. This introductory price is anticipated to increase after the initial five orders, with a total production limit set at 50 units. Rezvani has already commenced the conversion process with several deliveries scheduled for later this year.

Each version of the RR1 boasts a new carbon fiber body inspired by the 935 Kremer race cars of the late 1970s. Notable features include a front fascia reminiscent of the era and a slant nose hood equipped with narrow rectangular headlights, akin to those found on Porsche’s Taycan. The design is completed with turbofan-style wheels and flared rear haunches merging into a fixed wing, which together evoke a strong sense of 1970s nostalgia.

The RR1 550, built from the 911 Carrera S, serves as the entry point with 550 horsepower configured for the track and 520 for street use. The RR 565, derived from the GT3 model, features modifications to its 4.0-liter flat-six engine, achieving 535 horsepower on the street and 565 on the track. The pinnacle is the RR1 750, which utilizes the Turbo S as its base and offers up to 750 horsepower in its track configuration, with a slightly reduced 715 horsepower for street legal use.

For those desiring further customization, Rezvani offers optional upgrades including suspension tweaks, enhanced brakes, roll cages, racing harnesses, and lightweight polycarbonate windows. A bespoke retro livery for the exterior is also available, allowing each owner to tailor their RR1 to their personal taste, albeit with the potential to significantly increase the final cost.

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