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09/09/2021 DPCcars IAA Videos

September 6, 2021 |

The International MobilityShow Germany or simply International Mobility Show, in German known as the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA – International Automobile Exhibition), is the world’s largest mobility show. It is held annually, with mobility solutions (including passenger vehicles, motorcycles and bikes) … Read More

03/05/2020 DPCcars Videos

March 3, 2020 |

The new 911 Turbo S is powered by a new 3.8-litre boxer engine with two VTG turbochargers, which delivers 478 kW (650 PS; 911 Turbo S Coupé: Combined fuel consumption 11.1 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions 254 g/km, 911 Turbo … Read More

149MPH Drone Speed World Record – Video

July 13, 2018 |

Goodwood, UK – Friday 13 July 2018: Today, the Vodafone XBlades Drone – the ‘Wingcopter XBR’* – has set a new drone speed world record at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the world’s greatest celebration of motorsport and car culture, … Read More

Toyota Hilux Bruiser Life Sized RC Replica – Video

October 27, 2017 |

For all its toughness, there’s a playful element to the Toyota Hilux that can put a smile on any driver’s face, a big-toy appeal that’s lasted through generations of the world-beating pick-up. Tamiya celebrated this quality when it produced its … Read More

Life Sized RC Nissan GTR Hits 130mph – Video

October 10, 2017 |

Nissan has created the ultimate remote-control car for gamers – the Nissan GT-R /C.

Celebrating the release of Gran Turismo Sport – and marking 20 years of Nissan involvement in the Gran Turismo gaming series – the one-off project car … Read More

Making Of Toyota Hilux Truck vs Tamiya RC Hilux – Video

March 27, 2017 |


Toyota and Tamiya have teamed up to repeat the same stunt with the current production model and its RC equivalent. 15 1:10 scale Hilux RC cars were hitched up to the real thing, and slowly but surely, they … Read More

Drag Race – Audi R8 V10 vs RC Audi R8 – Video

December 22, 2016 |


An Audi R8 V10 is a seriously *fast* supercar.

But is it faster than a radio-controlled equivalent? Autocar got a 1/6th scale Losi 6IX Audi R8 LMS car to put it up against.

Watch as they test them head-to-head over … Read More

Race Drones vs 2017 Porsche 718 Cayman – video

November 23, 2016 |


Sharing the same “718” prefix as its Boxster brother, the Cayman also shares the award as a 10Best winner. Despite more powerful turbo fours (there is a base 300-hp 2.0-liter and a 350-hp 2.5-liter in the S) with … Read More

2017 Nissan GTR vs GTR Drone – Video

June 23, 2016 |


Nissan today unveiled the GT-R Drone – one of the fastest accelerating FPV (First Person View) racing drones in the world.

Built to be able to keep up with the new 2017 Nissan GT-R while filming on the … Read More

RC Truck under water drive – Video

June 1, 2016 |


Are these RC trucks or RC submarines!? Watch these two waterproof toyota hilux 4×4 trucks claw their way to dry land across the lake bottom! These electric trucks were able to take a plunge into a lake, and … Read More

Self driving RC Trucks Drifting – Video

May 20, 2016 |


GT AutoRally Platform driving autonomously using MPPI at the Georgia Tech Autonomous Racing Facility00



Read More

Awesome RC helicopter skills – Video

April 29, 2016 |

Awesome RC helicopter skills will leave you amazed, there is some editing involved but still cool to watch.


Read More

12 Awesome Tiny Scale Engines – Video

April 13, 2016 |


Here is a list of the engines in this video:

“Miniature 6 cylinder boxer engine” by dickinohio “8 Cylinder Radial” by DetroitEngineWorks “Schillings V8 80cc model engine running with great sound.avi” by Werner Siata “Model Motor 4 valec … Read More

$1 Million Drone Race – Video

April 13, 2016 |


The World Drone Prix in Dubai was the first million dollar drone race, with the winning team taking home a cool $250,000.


  • 1st Place……………………………………………………$ 250,000
  • 2nd Place…………………………………………………$ 125,000
  • 3rd Place…………………………………………………$ 50,000
  • 4th Place…………………………………………………$ 25,000
  • Read More

Bug Like Tiny Microrobots Pulls A Car – Video

March 14, 2016 |


Not only are ants impressively strong, they are also amazing team players. This research inspired by such teamwork examples how the ways that microrobots move effects their ability to work in teams. With careful consideration to robot gait, … Read More

Two Dogs vs RC Car – Video

March 13, 2016 |


Two Dogs chasing a RC Car is something we can watch all day.



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SkyWall100 Drone Defence System – Video

March 4, 2016 |


Developed specifically for the civil drone threat, SkyWall presents a proportionate response and allows drones to be physically captured and brought to the ground safely.


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Drone vs McLaren 650S – Video

March 2, 2016 |


Watch this spectacular race between a Dubai Police McLaren 650s and a racing drone through the city of Dubai.

The World Drone Prix will take place in Skydive Dubai, Palm Drop Zone, on the 11th and 12th of … Read More

RC Raptor Rodeo – Traxxas Ford Raptor – Video

February 27, 2016 |


Based on the award-winning Slash, Raptor is ready for full-throttle off-road antics. The Titan 12T motor lays down dirt-roosting torque while all-weather ready electronics keep the elements at bay. Raptor is engineered with Traxxas-tough durability to push the … Read More

Will this replace the future soldier – Video

February 18, 2016 |

THeMIS is a platform attached to two tracks. The smart bit is hiding the battery pack, the diesel engine and the electric generator inside the tracks, freeing the space between them for anything the operator might need. And he’s … Read More