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LEGO M4 Sherman Crab Is Amazing – Video

LEGO M4 Sherman Crab Is Amazing – Video

Us, car enthusiasts, we can’t just snatch the toys our children play with and have our way with them. We need to stay all responsible adults, to look like the wise side of the family. Deep down, we all enjoy playing around with all these sorts of toys they come up with, especially when it comes to miniature small tanks like these.

LEGO M4 Sherman Crab Is Amazing (2)
Back when they wouldn’t have high-level technology sensors that detect land mines from a distance, solutions were rather straightforward. That’s how the British figured they could just attach a mine destroyer onto their legendary M4 Sherman tank.

This device consists of some very heavy long chains with steel balls attached to the ends of them (flails) that are attached to a horizontal, fast spinning rotor mounted on long arms in front of the tank. The rotor’s rotation makes the chains spin and pound the ground and seek mines.

What is the point you might ask? When the balls hit the buried mines, they mimic the weight of a person or a heavy vehicle, which causes them to explode. The key here is that they explode without causing any severe damage to the flails or the tank. The idea apparently belongs to a South African military soldier, Captain Abraham du Toit, and as we said, it may seem a simple one but it did work.

LEGO enthusiast Tommy Styrvoky here thought the iconic World War II vehicle was great enough that it deserved it’s own proper respect. So to pay his tribute to the legendary tank, he created this Lego miniature replica. It’s not just a toy you look at, though, considering it’s a motorized, radio controlled scaled version you can play with. Watch the video below where its builder explains how put this work of art together.

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