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High Speed New Audi TT Almost Crash On Autobahn – Video

High Speed New Audi TT Almost Crash On Autobahn – Video

The no speed limit Autobahns in Germany seem like the ultimate car lovers dream of any gear head. Driving at unrestricted speeds on public roads without consequence has to be one of those things you always thought about at least once when you’re driving your sports car.

What people don’t seem to get, however, is that like a superhero with great power which in this case is speed comes great responsibility. And when traveling at such high rates, you should know that the slightest mistake can cause devastating accidents.

Studies performed over the past few years showed that the braking distance increased exponentially along with the higher speed. Therefore, if the stopping distance for a vehicle traveling at 50 km/h (30 mph) is 12 meters (36 feet), at 200 km/h (124 mph) that same distance will be 352 meters (over 1,000 feet). You can only imagine how much destruction can happen over that length, right?

That’s because you have to take into consideration the time it takes you to do all the things necessary me to happen like, press the brake pedal, the brakes to activate and the time needed to stop the car. All of that happens while traveling at 200 km/h (124 mph) which means that in one second you will cover over 55 meters (165 feet).

However, all of this can be avoid it if people just stick to the rules and pay attention to the road. Unlike what this irresponsible driver did. Traveling on the Autobahn at rather low speed, he (or she) decides to go on the fast lane at a speed that hardly could call for that.

That’s something to be argued but the biggest issue is that he/she didn’t check the side and rear view mirrors before switching lanes and an Audi TT traveling at what we can only call ‘insane speed’ nearly crashed into its rear end.

Judging by how fast things happened in the video posted, we can only thank goodness the reactions of the driver of the Audi TT and the suspension setup that the German engineers fitted the vehicle with.

It may seem like nothing but being able to get out of the way at the last moment like that, at that velocity, without tipping over or plowing into is not an easy feat to achieve. A changing of underwear was probably needed afterward Wendy went home.

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