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2024 Volvo EM90 Minivan Debuts on November 12

2024 Volvo EM90 Minivan Debuts on November 12

A while back, there were some rumors flying around. They said Volvo was getting ready to introduce its very first minivan. They described it as a sort of “moving living room from Scandinavia.” This minivan is called the EM90, and it’s all set to be unveiled on November 12. People can start placing their orders in China, where the parent company Geely is based. We’re going to get more sneak peeks before the big reveal, but for now, we’ve got a first look from above at the EM90. You can’t miss the big sunroof in the back for the passengers in the rear seats. The driver and front passenger get a smaller piece of glass. Since it’s a minivan, those sliding doors on both sides are pretty important. The first look suggests that there’s enough room for three rows of seats. Apart from being fully electric, we don’t know much else about it. However, it seems likely that the EM90 has something to do with another minivan called the Zeekr 009. That one looks pretty wild and comes from another brand under Geely. It’s quite interesting because a picture shows that the roof of the 009 looks almost exactly like the one on Volvo’s upcoming minivan. Even the door handles, antennas, side mirrors, and other parts seem the same. If the EM90 is like a modified version of the 009 with a few changes like different taillights and lit-up Volvo letters at the back, it’s going to be quite big. The 009 is 205 inches long, 80 inches wide, and 74 inches tall, with a really long wheelbase of 126 inches. It’s got seating for either six or four people, and it’s pretty heavy at 6,239 pounds. Built on the same platform as the Lotus Eletre and Polestar 5, the Zeekr 009 has two electric motors that together make 534 horsepower. That’s enough power to go from 0 to 62 mph in about 4.5 seconds. The big 140-kWh battery can take you about 511 miles on a certain test. Volvo won’t be the only one with a fancy minivan. Buick’s got the GL8, and Lexus has the LM. Plus, there might be a simpler version of the Zeekr 009 with a smaller battery and a motor at the back.

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