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2023 Mercedes-AMG C63 Compared To The BMW M3 XDrive

2023 Mercedes-AMG C63 Compared To The BMW M3 XDrive

The competition between Mercedes-AMG and BMW M remains fierce, with a new twist in the form of the 2023 AMG C63 S E Performance. This new super sedan has ditched its V8 engine and rear-wheel-drive setup in favor of a plug-in hybrid four-cylinder powertrain and 4Matic all-wheel drive.

When it comes to combustion engines, the BMW M3 Competition xDrive has the upper hand with its 503 horsepower, twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six engine. However, the AMG C63 boasts the world’s most powerful four-cylinder engine ever put into a production car, producing 469 horsepower and 402 pound-feet of torque.

While the BMW’s S58 engine has more power and torque, the AMG’s M139 engine has a unique advantage – an electric turbocharger derived from Formula 1. The electric motor in the exhaust turbocharger eliminates turbo lag, providing instant boost. Additionally, the C63’s rear-mounted electric motor increases output to a staggering 671 horsepower and 752 pound-feet of torque.

The C63 is also heavier than the M3 Competition xDrive, weighing in at 4,654 pounds. However, the extra power compensates for the weight, with the C63 completing 0 to 62 mph in 3.4 seconds, slightly quicker than the M3. The C63 also has a more understated look compared to the M3, but its proportions are wider and longer than a standard C-Class.

The C63 also features larger air intakes, a larger trunk lid spoiler, and a quad exhaust system. It comes with the choice of 19- or 20-inch alloys, and composite brakes with six-piston fixed calipers at the front and a single-piston floating caliper at the rear. Power is transmitted via a nine-speed automatic transmission with a wet clutch.

As a plug-in hybrid, the C63 has a battery pack with a capacity of 6.1 kWh, providing an electric range of 8 miles. However, it should be noted that the hybrid component was developed for performance rather than efficiency.

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