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2025 Rolls Royce Cullinan Series II Revealed

2025 Rolls Royce Cullinan Series II Revealed

Rolls-Royce has once again redefined luxury with the introduction of the Cullinan Series II, a model that builds upon the daring and expressive character of its Black Badge series. This latest iteration reflects a sophisticated evolution, tailor-made for a clientele that cherishes a distinct form of luxury.

The most striking change in the Cullinan Series II is the revamped headlights, now featuring longer LED daytime running lights that stretch downward, lending a more commanding presence to the vehicle’s front end. This design choice deviates from the typical look associated with luxury SUVs, including the absence of the split lights seen on models like the BMW X7, yet it remains just as contentious and eye-catching.

Beyond the headlights, Rolls-Royce has redesigned the front bumper. The previous narrow air intakes have been eliminated, making way for a broader, flatter surface that seems ready for further customization or embellishments. The lower air intakes have been subtly repositioned with a gentle tilt, and the prominently placed radar sensor sits beneath the license plate, keeping with the car’s sophisticated technology suite.

Described by Rolls-Royce as mimicking the “glow of skyscrapers in a bustling city,” the new front design mirrors the aesthetic found in major urban centers where the Cullinan is increasingly admired. The SUV also boasts a newly illuminated grille, a feature it shares with other models from the Rolls-Royce and BMW families. Adding to its impressive stature are the newly introduced 23-inch wheels—a first for this model—finished in an exquisite Emperador Truffle paint.

Inside, the Black Badge variant maintains the layout of the earlier model but introduces the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy right under the analog clock, ensuring passengers are constantly reminded they are in no ordinary vehicle. The dashboard’s carbon fiber trim is treated with six layers of lacquer and each of the 23 hand-polished pieces reflects a meticulous dedication to craftsmanship, requiring 21 days to achieve a perfect gloss.

The interior also showcases a novel Duality Twill leather upholstery, which involves a remarkable 2.2 million stitches and 11 miles of thread, showcasing Rolls-Royce’s commitment to unparalleled luxury. Those opting for customization can include up to 107,000 perforations in the seat upholstery, a feature for those who appreciate meticulous detail.

For families or those desiring more seating, the Cullinan offers an optional seven-seater configuration, with individual seats that are usable when stationary, perfect for enjoying a bit of luxury outdoors.

Both the standard and Black Badge versions are powered by the formidable twin-turbo 6.75-liter V-12 engine. However, as Rolls-Royce moves toward an all-electric future by 2030, this engine might be seeing its final years, marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new, sustainable chapter in luxury motoring.

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