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2019 Volkswagen Jetta vs 1980 VW Jetta – Video

April 25, 2018 |

Originally billed as a “Rabbit with a trunk,” the first generation Volkswagen Jetta was designed for the growing number of buyers worldwide who wanted extra cargo space and the style of a sedan in a compact car. Shortly after its … Read More

2019 VW Touareg Features & Options Explained – Video

April 23, 2018 |

2019 VW Touareg Features & Options Featuring:

2019 Volkswagen Touareg Roll Stabilisation

2019 Volkswagen Touareg Head-up Display

2019 Volkswagen Touareg Discover Premium

2019 Volkswagen Touareg Digital Cockpit

2019 Volkswagen Touareg Trailer Assist

2019 Volkswagen Touareg Towbar

2019 Volkswagen Touareg Night … Read More

Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak Unveiling – Video

April 22, 2018 |

It is the start of a new era in motorsport for Volkswagen – and one thing is already certain: This Volkswagen is set to electrify its public. When the I.D. R Pikes Peak is presented to the public on the … Read More

VW Golf GTI TCR At GTI Performance Days – Video

April 18, 2018 |

Update for a car with winning ways. The Golf GTI TCR, the successful race version of the TCR International Series championship titleholder, is getting a facelift for the 2018 season. Like the production model, this front end of the successful … Read More

VW GTI Up!, Golf, and Polo At GTI Performance Days – Video

April 18, 2018 |

up!, Polo and Golf. The GTI name is firmly embedded in the Volkswagen brand and is the most familiar designation for sporty compact cars worldwide. In 2018, Volkswagen has GTI models in the product ranges of three model series: up!, Polo … Read More

VW Amarok Truck Off-Road Adventure Tour 2018 – Video

April 16, 2018 |

This year, the Volkswagen Amarok Adventure Tour will take you to Oman. During the journey we drive over the stony paths of the Hadjar Mountains as well as across the sandy desert. How the VW Amarok Aventura 3.0 l … Read More

2019 VW Jetta – Video

April 9, 2018 |

The Volkswagen Jetta is one of the world’s most successful sedans, with more than 17.5 million models sold worldwide since it was introduced in 1979: more than 3.2 million of those have been sold in the United States. Now based … Read More

100th VW Golf GTI TCR Delivery – Video

April 9, 2018 |

What’s at the very heart of the Volkswagen GTI DNA? A more than 40-year tradition of sportiness and reliability! It’s therefore hardly surprising that the motorsport spin-off Golf GTI TCR is entirely on course for success too. For a good … Read More

2019 Volkswagen Arteon Presentation – Video

April 1, 2018 |

Arteon is based off the award-winning MQB architecture

Arteon features a wide, planted stance, short overhangs, and sleek coupe-like design

Upscale interior features premium materials and modern design

268 hp 2.0-liter TSI® engine is paired with a standard eight-speed automatic … Read More

2019 Volkswagen Powerful Family SUV – VW Presentation – Video

March 25, 2018 |

The 2019 VW that goes by the name of “Powerful Family SUV”, is described by developer SAIC-VW as being the little brother of the Atlas (Teramont in China).



Read More

Volkswagen Advanced Mid-size SUV Presentation – VW – Video

March 24, 2018 |

This SUV developed by the local FAW-VW joint venture, currently carries the generic name “Advanced Mid-Size SUV” and was brought on stage in the sporty R-Line specification. It will “target the elites in China who have high-end tastes” and … Read More

Volkswagen T-Roc Presentation – VW – Video

March 24, 2018 |

The SUV market is booming – especially in the compact segment. Experts estimate that the segment will almost double in size over the next decade. It is for this reason that Volkswagen is bringing in another attractive model in the … Read More

2019 Volkswagen Touareg – Video

March 23, 2018 |

Volkswagen is making a statement by staging a world premiere of a new model for the first time in China – its largest market. The new Touareg1 marks a milestone in the brand’s largest model and technology campaign, and it … Read More

2019 Volkswagen Touareg Teaser – VW – Video

March 19, 2018 |

2019 Volkswagen Touareg Teaser, in this uncovered video we get to see dome of the design features of the new VW Touareg.



Read More

2018 VW Golf Sportsvan Review – German/Dutch – Video

March 16, 2018 |

After updating the Golf, Volkswagen has now also modernised the Golf Sportsvan. It makes its new appearance with a powerful, precision-sharpened exterior design. Changes include the newly designed bumpers, new halogen headlights with LED daytime running lights, full-LED headlights in … Read More

Highlights of the VW Annual Media Conference 2018 – Video

March 15, 2018 |


Highlights of the VW Annual Media Conference 2018. The Annual Media Conference 2018 of Volkswagen AG took place in the Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin.



Read More

2019 VW Touareg SUV Spied – Video

March 1, 2018 |


2019 VW Touareg SUV Spied. Here comes the new 2019 Volkswagen Touareg: Featured slightly covered in Spain, right before its big world premiere on 23rd March in Bejing.



Read More

Hologram In VW I.D. VIZZION Interior Teased – Video

February 27, 2018 |

The largest model and innovative product campaign in the history of Volkswagen is entering its next stage. After presenting the first all-electric vehicles of the new I.D. Family models , the Volkswagen brand is now showing, for the first time, … Read More

2018 VW Passat GT Explained – Video

February 19, 2018 |

Like all good cars, the 2018 Volkswagen Passat GT began with an idea and a few people in a garage.

The resulting 2018 Passat GT is scheduled to arrive later this year as the first model developed and engineered by … Read More

2019 VW Jetta Overview – Video

January 26, 2018 |

Jetta is now based off the award-winning MQB architecture

Sleek coupe-like exterior design features shorter overhangs and a bold new face

Upscale driver-centric interior features premium materials and modern design

1.4-liter TSI engine is paired with six-speed manual or eight-speed … Read More

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