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VW GTI Up!, Golf, and Polo At GTI Performance Days – Video

VW GTI Up!, Golf, and Polo At GTI Performance Days – Video

up!, Polo and Golf. The GTI name is firmly embedded in the Volkswagen brand and is the most familiar designation for sporty compact cars worldwide. In 2018, Volkswagen has GTI models in the product ranges of three model series: up!, Polo and Golf. The new up! GTI1 develops a power of 85 kW / 115 PS; this dynamic small car is being offered for the first time as a GTI, and it defines entry into the world of these sporty icons. In the next higher vehicle class, Volkswagen offers the current Polo GTI2. It develops 147 kW / 200 PS, making it the most powerful Polo within the model series – and it is continuing the GTI success story that has been sustained for two decades. Meanwhile, the 180 kW / 245 PS Performance version of the Golf GTI3/4/5/6 is pointing the way towards summer.

The last time there were GTI models in three model series was from 2000 to 2005. Back then the Lupo GTI was added to the GTI range beneath the Polo and Golf. As early as 1977 there was almost a triumvirate: 41 years ago, the Scirocco GTI and Passat GTI made their appearances, joining the GTI ranks with the Golf GTI. As top sporty versions they had the privilege of bearing the three legendary letters on their radiator grilles and boot lids. The Passat, however, only did so as a concept car. When it went into production in 1979, it was called a GLI rather than a GTI. Be that as it may, all Volkswagen GTI models have shared a common trait since 1976: perfectly balanced dynamic handling. It is the secret behind the success of the GTI concept – an alliance of a highly agile drive system, low weight, stiff yet comfortable running gear, reliable front-wheel drive and an ergonomically optimal seating position behind a high-grip sport steering wheel.