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Renault CAPTUR Tokyo Edition – Video

Renault CAPTUR Tokyo Edition – Video

Translated from Italian:

Renault, which has innovation in its DNA, signs a partnership with the creative hub of Garage Italia, to create a new extra-limited series inspired by Japan: this is how CAPTUR TOKYO EDITION is born!

Tradition and innovation concentrated in only 100 examples that reinterpret the Japanese tradition in a modern way.

To distinguish the special series also the innovative mode of communication and sales conceived by Publicis Italia: CAPTUR TOKYO EDITION will, in fact, be the first car that can be booked through Instagram and Facebook.

For 120 years, Renault has been a pioneer in the world of technological innovation and at the center of the transport revolution, and has always accompanied and sometimes anticipated trends in the automotive world. The House of Lozenge has chosen Garage Italia, creative hub of Italian symbol par excellence of customization, forge of dreams in motion, to present an unpublished project, signed by the inspiration of the creative director of the Milanese atelier and based on one of the heart products of the range Renault.



To inspire creativity, this time is the city of Tokyo, emblem of the marriage between tradition and innovation.

CAPTUR TOKYO EDITION revives Japan already at first sight, thanks to the new exclusive Be-Style Tokyo tint: body Nacrè White, roof and rear-view mirrors painted in an elaborate red tint on which stands out the pattern “Kumo”, which incorporates a motif decorative typical of Japanese culture, reinterpreting it in a contemporary way.

The pattern covers the roof and cover of the rear-view mirrors and is also declined inside the car, on the weft of the seats that has inserts in Jersey fabric.

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