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Prank – Car Brake Doesn’t Work – Video

Prank – Car Brake Doesn’t Work – Video
It’s always fun to prank a friend when they are not suspecting. The question is though, how far should you go in your evil prank? Should it be a prank that makes that friend believe they’re going to die or be seriously injured, or something less scary. That part depends on how eveil you are?
Best pranks are usually when the victim thinks its their last day on earth (at least for the prankster). But is purposely scaring the crap out of a friend moral? Probably not, but this guy went ahead and did it anyway and his facial beard looks plenty evil too. The setup was really quite simple: Drive along in a vehicle while the friend is fast asleep in the front seat.Then, out of the blue, start shouting that the brakes don’t work and that you can’t stop the car.


But hey, if you happen to be one of those who doesn’t find this stuff funny as hell, at least the video below will give you a chance to work on your Polish drama talk.

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