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Luckiest Drivers At Nurburgring – Video

Luckiest Drivers At Nurburgring – Video

They say smart car drivers learn from their own mistakes behind the steering wheel, while geniuses use other people’s driving stupidity as lessons. The Nurburgring is the perfect place for such lessons, and we’re here to show you some of the super luckiest drivers the Green Hell has seen in the last year.

The video below brings us a compilation of drivers who took the scary race track experience literally, with many of these ending up slipping and sliding on that thin edge that separates a memorable near- accident or a skilful save from a write-off episode.

The pucker inducing moments take us through a wide variety of  vehicles. Basically, everyone has their change of exiting the track and risking an accidental encounter with the protection barriers on the side of the race track. Oh and the risk of an accident between  vehicles is not to be ignored either.

From hot hatchbacks that fall for the classic understeer scenario, to rear-wheel-drive machines that see their back ends fishtail all over the place.

Pay close attention to these drivers’ obvious mistakes

Still, we have plenty of lessons to learn here. For instance, Porsches and BMWs alike are seen getting out of control the same way, but the massive difference in their past-the-limit behavior tells a lot about these cars behaviors.

This is also an excellent time to notice how much steering angle and at what time you should apply it to catch the slide instead of turning it into a case of overcorrection that sends the vehicle spinning the opposite way.

These scary moments take place during the Touristenfahrten, or tourist days, which might allow mortals to surf the Nordschleife but come with serious risks that could end in an accident.

The number of  vehicles on the track means that you should avoid going too slow at all costs, whether this is caused by out of control spinning or by simply pulling to the side of the track after a scary moment. You should avoid both at all costs.

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