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Ducati DIAVAL for Bentley Motorcycle Presentation

Ducati DIAVAL for Bentley Motorcycle Presentation

The Ducati Diavel for Bentley is a striking example of collaboration between two legendary brands, combining Ducati’s powerful motorcycle design with Bentley’s luxurious craftsmanship. Revealed at Auto China, this limited edition masterpiece is inspired by the Bentley Batur, Bentley’s most potent production car to date.

This exclusive motorcycle is limited to 550 units, with 500 standard editions and an additional 50 specially reserved for Bentley clients under the “Mulliner” edition. Each bike is numbered, enhancing its exclusivity and appeal to collectors. The Diavel for Bentley is built on the technical framework of Ducati’s Diavel V4, known for its robust performance and distinctive design, featuring muscular lines and a forward-leaning stance.

The collaboration also emphasizes bespoke customization options, allowing Bentley clients to personalize their motorcycles to a degree that reflects the individuality and luxury associated with the Bentley brand. The design incorporates Bentley’s signature elements like the sophisticated “Scarab Green” color, reminiscent of British racing heritage, and high-end finishes that echo Bentley’s commitment to luxury and attention to detail.

With a base price starting around $70,000, and reaching up to $90,000 for the Mulliner edition, the Ducati Diavel for Bentley not only promises an exceptional riding experience but also serves as a symbol of automotive art and engineering excellence. This motorcycle is not just a means of transportation; it’s a collectible piece that represents the pinnacle of motorcycle luxury and performance.

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