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Classic Nissan Cars At Petersen Automotive Museum – Video

Classic Nissan Cars At Petersen Automotive Museum – Video

Nissan announced its support of two new exhibits at the Petersen Automotive Museum that celebrate and explore the intersection of American and Japanese car culture. Both open to the public May 26.

The first part of the exhibit, titled “The Roots of Monozukuri: Creative Spirit in Japanese Automaking” illuminates key elements of Japanese design philosophy in the years preceding its climb to market dominance in the 1970s. In concert, “Fine Tuning: Japanese-American Customs” examines the rise of Japanese car customization in Japan and the United States, and how each market influenced the other to redefine car culture.

“Nissan is honored to be part of the Petersen’s ‘The Roots of Monozukuri’ exhibit, which celebrates 60-years of Japanese cars in the U.S.,” said Richard Plavetich, general manager, Nissan Design America. “From practical and economical to sleek and powerful, Nissan vehicle design, durability and performance has resulted in an 85-year global success story that is well represented by the vehicles on display.”



Located in the Bruce Meyer Family Gallery presented by Rolex, “The Roots of Monozukuri” exhibit explores the theme of monozukuri, or “the art, science and craft of making things,” as the underpinning for the long-term success of the Japanese automotive industry. Each car exemplifies this theme by highlighting the creativity, innovation, craftsmanship and collaboration central to Japanese manufacturing. Historically significant vehicles from the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee and other private collections will also be on display. Highlights include a 1937 Datsun Model 16 Coupe and 1966 Nissan Silvia, both extremely rare vehicles seldom seen outside Japan. A Datsun 1000 sedan returns to the Los Angeles area, where it starred at the company’s first U.S. appearance 60 years ago at the LA Auto Show.

Running concurrently with “The Roots of Monozukuri” in the Museum’s Customization Gallery, “Fine Tuning” elaborates on the aesthetic and stylistic conversation between Japanese and American tuners. Focusing on Los Angeles and Japanese car customizers, this exhibit features true one-of-a-kind custom creations, from drift and drag cars to highly modified customs that include a fan favorite 1973 Nissan “Kenmeri” Skyline 2000 GTX, among other highlights from Japanese manufacturers.

During the first month of “The Roots of Monozukuri: Creative Spirit in Japanese Automaking” and “Fine Tuning” exhibitions, Nissan will proudly display the all-new 2018 Nissan LEAF in the Alternative Power Gallery of the Petersen Museum.

“The Roots of Monozukuri” and “Fine Tuning” each run through April 14, 2019. Tickets are for sale at For more information about Nissan’s role in the exhibits, please visit in the coming weeks for images and video related to the displays.