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Chrome Wrapped Nissan GT-R by Prodrive

Chrome Wrapped Nissan GT-R by Prodrive

Thai performance tuner Prodrive who pimp out all sorts of sports and super cars on a regular basis have come up with an unusual none performance treatment for the Nissan GT-R R35. When this car gets upgraded, it is usually with performance oriented massive aero kit, nitrous, or big turbos. What Prodrive did is a chrome Nissan GT-R with some fancy wheels.

The Nissan R35 is a car bought predominantly by hard-core car lovers looking to go fast, the kind that dream at night about Turbo PSI and and traction. These guys do not have the most restrained tastes, but we don’t think even they would agree wrapping a Nissan GT-R in chrome vinyl is a good idea. The shape and the character of the GTR does not lend itself very nicely to such a pimp treatment. It would have been better if they’d wrapped it in Hello Kitty it some othet cartoon charecter.

Now that we have vented and feel better, with this chrome Nissan GT-R Prodrive has probably created one of the most unique Nissan R35s in the world right now. The vehicle also gets a set of Jotech.1 MV1 wheels, supplied by ADV1, finished in matte black with unique brushed red inner lips. Size-wise, they measure 20×10.5 inch on the front and 20×12 inch on the rear. The wheels are wrapped with high-performance Pirelli P Zero tires, a custom Akrapovic exhaust system with AMUSE down pipe, and Ohlins suspension components.

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