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BMW 2024 Super Bowl Commercial Starring Christopher Walken and Usher

BMW 2024 Super Bowl Commercial Starring Christopher Walken and Usher

BMW is gearing up for a memorable return to the Super Bowl on February 11, 2024, showcasing a fresh 60-second commercial that introduces the latest version of the renowned BMW 5 Series, including the debut of the all-electric BMW i5. This advertisement, titled “Talkin’ Like Walken,” features the talents of renowned actor Christopher Walken alongside actress Ashley Park (known for roles in “Emily in Paris,” “Beef,” and “Joy Ride”), and GRAMMY® Award winner and Super Bowl LVIII halftime show performer, USHER. The commercial draws on Walken’s unique voice and way of speaking, depicting a day in his life as he meets a series of people who imitate his speech pattern, from the valet at his hotel to his tailor, makeup artist, and even the person serving him coffee at the drive-through. Walken’s initial confusion turns into annoyance, culminating in an unexpected meeting with USHER, to whom Walken quips about being busy. This spot is scheduled to play during the first quarter of the Super Bowl LVIII. Walken expressed his pleasure in collaborating with BMW, highlighting the significance of electric vehicles. Similarly, USHER shared his excitement about performing at the Super Bowl and his positive experience working on the BMW commercial. The advertisement was crafted by BMW’s primary creative agency in the U.S., Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P), and directed by Bryan Buckley, a director with a history of nearly 70 Super Bowl commercials and two Academy Award nominations. The cinematography was led by Hoyte van Hoytema, known for his work on “Oppenheimer” and “Interstellar.” Marcus Casey, BMW of North America’s Chief Marketing Officer, described the formula for a successful Super Bowl ad, emphasizing the combination of an innovative product, celebrity star power, a compelling script, and a skilled production team, along with the addition of Ashley Park and USHER to create a humorous and memorable commercial. In anticipation of the Super Bowl, BMW released two teasers: one titled “Agent,” where Walken humorously discusses the concept of an advertisement for an advertisement, and another, “Singing,” showing Walken enjoying USHER’s hit song “Yeah!” in the electric BMW i5, hinting at the latter’s cameo. Rich Silverstein, Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of GS&P, remarked on the iconic status of both Walken and the 5 Series, emphasizing the unique opportunity to bring together two legends in one campaign. The effort extends to social media, with a TikTok challenge inviting users to share their best Walken impressions using the hashtag #TalkinlikeWalken. The BMW 5 Series itself has been redesigned to offer more dynamic performance, now available in an all-electric model as the BMW i5. It combines BMW’s signature sporty and elegant design with advanced digital features and technological innovations, including the latest “Highway Assistant” for semi-autonomous driving up to 85 mph under certain conditions. The starting price for the new BMW 5 Series is $57,900, and it’s available at BMW dealers across the country.

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