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Alfa Romeo 4C Tuned by Zender – Video

Alfa Romeo 4C Tuned by Zender – Video

We already know the base Alfa Romeo 4C is a stunning car in its own right, but it lacked aggression. What Zender did to fix this was to make a Porsche Cayman GT4 rival.

Starting at the front of the vehicle, we notice a new bumper has been installed. At the bottom, it has two extended wings that resemble those on F1 race cars, while carbon fiber air intakes have been added to cool the brakes.

You might also recognise that the insect-like headlights are flanked by extra plastic. That’s because the front fenders are now wider to make room for bigger alloy wheels. These have a racing like central lock design and black spokes, making the Alfa Romeo 4C look like a baby Ferrari.


The side is modified by an extra set of air intakes placed at the bottom half of the car. They’ve been designed so well that it looks like it was done by the Alfa Romeo factory. New wing mirrors with carbon finish and Italian flag accents are small hints at the aggression and national price of the Alfa Romeo 4C.

A light weight carbon fiber roof contrasts with the overall red body while the rear diffuser gives the Alfa Romeo 4C a premium look. The factory exhaust pipes, which were uneventful and round, gave way to two sculpted tips that resemble the air intakes.

The interior of the Alfa Romeo sportscar can feel a little spartan when compared to the Porsche Cayman. But the guys at Zender have taken care of this too by covering everything in black leather with contrasting red stitching. Patches of Alcantara and black carbon fiber also give it an exotic taste.