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2019 Nissan Frontier Attack Frontier LE Trucks – Video

2019 Nissan Frontier Attack Frontier LE Trucks – Video

Nissan Frontier, the most prized truck in the press last year, is better and has a new address. The utility is now manufactured in Nissan’s new industrial unit in South America, located in Cordoba, Argentina. With a “citizenship certificate” from Mercosur, Nissan Frontier not only earns a new address, but also more versions and security, unprecedented technology equipment in the segment, as well as innovations and mechanical and dynamic improvements. The new pickup line will be one of Nissan’s attractions at the São Paulo Motor Show and sales will start in November.

The 12th generation of the Nissan Frontier is undoubtedly the best truck ever produced by Nissan in its more than 80 years of tradition in this segment – there are more than 15 million pickups sold in 180 countries. This, however, does not prevent the brand from always perfecting its product, listening to the demands of its customers. Before winning Argentine nationality, the pickup was tested in more than 300 thousand km for different types of terrain and conditions in Brazil and Argentina. The result is that Nissan has introduced even more news on the 2019 Frontier line.

According to the version, which are now five-S 4×4, Attack 4×2 and 4×4, XE 4×4 and LE 4×4 -, the Nissan Frontier line now has equipment such as the 360º Vision with Intelligent Camera System, Intelligent Motion Detector , sunroof, new multimedia system A-IVI with eight-inch screen, Isofix system, six airbags, among others. There is also news in the interior, suspension, wheels, steering, powertrain, transmission and the traction system. Now there will be versions with 4X2 or 4X4 traction, manual or automatic transmission and the 2.3 turbodiesel engine will have the option of one or two turbines, which makes the power vary according to the configuration adopted.

Renowned for its strength, the current generation of the Nissan Frontier features as one of its highlights the structure even tougher than the previous one, with a reinforced chassis, four times stronger, while being lighter and more efficient. In addition to this differential, the truck maintains in its 2019 line of equipment such as the unprecedented – for the segment – “Gravity Zero” seats inspired by the technology developed by NASA to eliminate fatigue and improve driver comfort; the traction and stability controls (VDC – Vehicle Dinamic Control); ABS brakes with electronic brake control (EBD) and brake assist (BA); (HDC) and Ramp Start Aid (HSA), LED Brake Light (CHMSL), Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and many others.

Nissan is also rescuing another tradition of the Frontier line, offering two power options for the same engine. The S 4×4 and Attack 4×2 versions have 160 horsepower, while the rest (Attack 4×4, XE 4×4 and LE 4×4) develop 190 horsepower. The engine for the whole line is the same turbodiesel 2.3 16V being that the difference is in the quantity of turbines available (one or two). This power plant works in conjunction with two transmission types: the new six-speed manual (exclusive to the S version 4×4) and the seven-speed automatic with sequential mode for manual exchanges.



Nissan Frontier has almost two decades of presence in the Brazilian market. It was the first product manufactured by Nissan in the country in the early 2000s. There are more than 150,000 units sold in Brazil since then. And the new Argentine pickup will rescue another tradition of the Frontier brand: the surname Attack.

The Nissan Frontier Attack has already been sold in the previous generations of the pickup. It emerged for the first time in 2006, still in the 10th generation of Frontier. The second was like model 2012, in the 11th generation. In the Salon of Buenos Aires 2017, Nissan presented the “Attack Concept”, that gave clues of what would be the visual identity of the truck of series. Much of that car was preserved for the production version.

The tradition of Nissan Frontier Attack is to offer a distinctive look to customers. In this way, the 2019 model will have side stickers with the name of the version and the inscription “4×4”, lateral stirrups, tubular bar (popularly known as santantônio) and black roof rack, all-terrain tires, darkened wheels, new A-IVI multimedia system and steering wheel audio control. It will be offered in the options 4×2 (with single turbo engine and 160 horsepower) and 4×4 (with double turbo and 190 horsepower).

In addition to Attack, the 2019 Frontier line will be made up of the S 4×4 (work-driven), XE 4×4 and LE 4×4 versions, the latter the most complete.

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