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2018 Subaru XV Features, Crash Test, Options – Video

2018 Subaru XV Features, Crash Test, Options – Video

Combining a compact body with real SUV capabilities underpinned by Subaru’s original Symmetrical AWD System and a rugged and sporty design, the Subaru XV is a crossover SUV suited to a multitude of settings, from urban driving to the great outdoors. Representing the first full model change since the original Subaru XV was launched in 2012, the new model offers distinctive design and enhanced drivability on poor road surfaces, while adopting the all-new Subaru Global Platform to achieve world-class collision safety and superior hazard avoidance as well as dramatic advances in driver-responsive handling and ride comfort. The Subaru XV provides customers with “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind” as the second*3 of Subaru’s next-generation models offered under the company’s Prominence 2020*4 mid-term management vision.



The new Subaru XV incorporated a number of improvements to achieve enhanced dynamic feel such as a secure and comfortable feel for the driver. Based on the thorough and precise analysis of the steering and pedal feedback, vehicle behavior, vibration and noise, and other elements that driver senses, the setup realize a dynamic quality that far surpasses its class. At the same time, further enhancement of essential SUV capabilities such as drivability on poor road surfaces masterfully reconciles the conflicting demands placed on crossover vehicles.

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