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09/02/2019 DPCcars Videos

09/02/2019 DPCcars Videos

Kate Reid is no ordinary patissier. She bakes the world’s best croissants. Coming from an engineering background, she strives for perfection every day. On a day off it is no surprise she feels right at home on windy roads in a timeless machine, the Porsche 911.

Melbourne, Australia. In the early morning hours a queue wraps around a black brick converted warehouse in the suburb of Fitzroy. The air filled with anticipation in excitement for eating the perfect croissant. Since the New York Times named Lune Croissanterie “the world’s best croissant” in 2016, this queue forms every day until the delicious pastries are sold out.

In a purpose built, state of the art facility, designed by Kate and her brother Cam, the team works like cogs in a chronograph to create perfect pastries every single day.

The perfection and seamless processes are no coincidence. Kate is no ordinary patissier. Ever since she can remember, she had a close connection to cars. Her father is an avid classic car collector and young Kate and her brother would hover around when he was restoring classic 911s, sitting in the driver’s seat pretending to go on road trips.

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