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06/30/2019 DPCcars Videos

06/30/2019 DPCcars Videos

Ferrari held the Japan Premiere of new “F8 Tributo” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo on 25th June.

After the global debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, the unveiling in Japan was much-awaited. The venue was transformed into the world of Cavallino Rampante, incorporating the latest technology to the show of high performance with emotional visuals and sound. The event reached its climax when the car, coloured in the sophisticated Blu Corsa, was unveiled.

Red was the colour of choice for the venue. The shining light gates at the entrance welcomed our guests to the new world. Legendary models of 308GTB from 1975 as well as the most famous V8 model F40 wowed our guests with their grace and the V8 engine was also displayed at the event. With the sound of robust and dynamic music the Ferrari F8 TRIBUTO was unveiled with breathtaking projection mapping in a brilliant laser show.

Over 150 VIP guests gathered to see this latest F8 TRIBUTO with joy, enjoying a cocktail-style party with an opportunity to see the fastest and most thrilling supercar ever. It was a night for celebrating another page of the Cavallino Rampante history in Japan.

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