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05/25/2020 DPCcars Videos

05/25/2020 DPCcars Videos

A Japan-based tuning company called Albermo thinks that the two SUVs are a perfect match, so much so that they’ve created what’s called the XR51 body kit for the current RAV4. As you can see, the outrageous kit gives the Toyota crossover a Urus-esque face.

Ditching the RAV4’s original grille entirely, the XR51 kit adds a new front bumper, front parking sensors, and gaping front air intakes. The RAV4’s original headlights have been maintained, and we’ll admit that for the first time, we can notice their similarity to the Urus’ headlights – it’s a resemblance that nobody thought to search for, until now. It appears that most of the changes are focused on the front end, as the rest of the RAV4 appears pretty much untouched.

Lamborghini Urus body kit for Toyota RAV4 by Albermo. The Japanese Tuner sells this kit in three pieces. The Lambo-style front bumper comes unpainted for ¥138,000 ($1,291 at current exchange rates). An additional ¥8,000 ($75) adds the honeycomb mesh to the corners of the fascia. A revised rear panel goes for ¥78,000 ($730). As a final touch, there are four-piece side moldings for ¥16,000 ($150).

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