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02/04/2020 DPCcars Videos

02/04/2020 DPCcars Videos

Revolution: The Mid-Engine Corvette Story is a two-part documentary that takes you behind the scenes of first-ever mid-engine Corvette through the eyes of the team that brought it to life. Regular production of the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray coupe begins February 3, 2020 at General Motors Bowling Green Assembly in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Initial vehicle shipments to dealers are expected to begin in late February or early March.

It has been months since the 2020 Corvette’s unveiling in July, and in the meantime, Bowling Green has been retooled in preparation for the next-generation model to begin series production. The cars you’ve seen on this site and others were pre-production builds, meaning they were likely assembled at least in part by hand in order to get journalists time behind their wheels and start hyping driving impressions to the Vette-hungry masses. Yes, that means the GM-owned Corvette that had its wheels stolen in Detroit recently was pre-production, as were the cars Bowling Green workers were caught street-racing in and the one that crashed on a mountain road during development testing.

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