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Toyota new battery and fuel cell electric vehicles presentation 2023

Toyota new battery and fuel cell electric vehicles presentation 2023

In a recent event hosted by Toyota Motor Europe (TME) called Kenshiki, which means ‘insight’ in Japanese, more than 300 journalists were shown the latest electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles by Toyota. These vehicles are central to Toyota’s strategy for offering various types of low-emission transportation, tailored to different regional needs and infrastructure. At the core of Toyota’s mission is the concept of ‘Mobility for All’. Simon Humphries, a top executive at Toyota, emphasized the company’s belief in providing the freedom of mobility universally, ensuring everyone has the chance to benefit from it, regardless of their location or circumstances. Toyota’s approach includes a mix of solutions to reduce emissions. Their future lineup was showcased, featuring concept models by Lexus and Toyota, highlighting a new modular design with innovative technology. This includes the gigacast chassis and the Arene operating system, which together promise to enhance the user experience significantly. The Kenshiki event displayed several upcoming electric vehicles from Toyota and Lexus, like the Lexus LF-ZC and Toyota FT-Se, which are expected to hit European roads soon. On the path to carbon neutrality, TME has set ambitious goals. They aim to be fully carbon-neutral in Europe by 2040, with their European operations and manufacturing achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. They are also working on reducing CO2 emissions in new vehicle sales and across their value chain by 2040. Regarding battery electric vehicles, Yoshihiro Nakata, President & CEO of TME, mentioned that while Toyota will keep offering various technologies to reduce carbon emissions, they will also increase their range of zero-emission vehicles. Toyota plans to have about 15 different zero-emission models by 2026, with electric vehicles expected to form over 20% of its European sales. Toyota is also committed to hydrogen technology, which will play a role in decarbonizing mobility across Europe. Their hydrogen strategy includes various sectors, like passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Toyota will launch its third-generation fuel cell systems in 2026. Completing its Toyota Professional light commercial vehicle lineup, Toyota introduced the Proace Max, a versatile large van available in different sizes and equipped with a battery electric powertrain. This addition complements the Proace and Proace City models, offering a range of sizes for commercial vehicles, all with electric options. Toyota’s commitment to quality and customer service is evident in its growing sales and broad vehicle range. Finally, looking towards the 2024 Paris Olympics, Toyota, as a global mobility partner, will provide a large fleet of electrified vehicles, including innovative solutions for accessible transportation.

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