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New 2025 BMW X3 Rendered

New 2025 BMW X3 Rendered

BMW is gearing up to unveil a new generation of its X3 model, a top-seller that has distinguished itself in the luxury crossover segment since its debut in 2017. As the reveal date approaches, anticipation builds with the release of camouflaged prototype images, hinting at significant advancements including a plug-in hybrid version and an M Performance variant. The latter is expected to sport a quad exhaust system, a feature traditionally reserved for BMW’s full-fledged M models, signaling a more aggressive design philosophy for the X3 lineup.

The upcoming X3 is likely to adopt the “M50” moniker, moving away from the previous “M40i” designation. This change underscores a shift in BMW’s naming conventions, possibly reflecting new engine technologies or performance enhancements. Internally known as “G45,” the 2025 model promises improvements in aerodynamics with a lowered drag coefficient and a sleeker body design, enhancing both fuel efficiency and driving dynamics.

Additionally, the new X3 is set to feature a more minimalist interior with a focus on digital interfaces, aligning with trends seen across BMW’s current offerings. While the plug-in hybrid model will not immediately be available in the U.S., the revamped X3 will include cutting-edge safety features and a promise of superior ride comfort, thanks to its advanced chassis and suspension systems. As BMW prepares to launch the next iteration of its popular crossover, the automotive world watches eagerly.

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