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McLaren 720S N-LARGO By Novitec – Video

McLaren 720S N-LARGO By Novitec – Video

The German aftermarket developer has released a widebody kit for the McLaren 720S, with the package bringing the supercar closer to the look of its track-savvy sibling, the Senna.

Then again, there are also bits of the Novitec 720S N-Largo that look wilder than the Senna, such as the roof, which now accommodates an air scoop.

In fact, most of the areas of the supercar have been touched, from the front apron and the front wings (notice the air extractors), to the side skirts, the rear wings (massive air intakes can be found here), the rear apron and the active rear spoiler. – we’ve only listed the most important here, but the uber-rich image gallery above and the video below allow you to zoom in on each and every detail, such as the mirror caps or the headlight masks.



There’s an explosion of carbon fiber across the car, with certain bits featuring a transparent finish to let everybody notice the wonder material.

And since the width of the beast has been increased, Novitec has also gifted the 720 horsepower toy with fitting wheels, which feature a concave profile (make that deep concave for the rear axle). The wheels feature aluminum spacers, which boost the front and rear tracks by 22 and 30 millimeters, respectively.

Note that the German tuner had previously released an ECU remap for the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 of the supercar, along with an Inconel exhaust system. As such, the motor delivers an extra 86 horsepower, which means that its total output of 806 hp sits just above that of the Senna (800 hp).

And while the factory McLaren 720S is known as the supercar that hasn’t lost a drag race, the Novitec version is 0.2s quicker to 62 mph (think: 2.7 seconds), while the 0 to 124 mph sprint takes 7.5 seconds and the top speed sits at 215 mph.