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Head on accident with an ambulance

Head on accident with an ambulance

It’s not clear if this guy heard the siren or for some other reason he just assumed that it was safe to change lanes at the last second, is unclear. What we do know is that this type of accident shouldn’t ever happen.

We can for sure make a lot of accusations ourselves about what happened in this accident. We could even debate against the ambulance driver, because as most people already know in traffic, you can never know if they have an actual emergency or they just don’t feel like sitting around in heavy traffic.

But then you need to also consider that even if the emergency vehicle isn’t on an emergency call, it has to be ready to answer one, which kind of means not being backed up in traffic. Anyway, wrong side of the road, sires blasting, what could go wrong?

Apparently lots could go wrong, because even though the emergency vehicle was driving really slow, trying to give everyone plenty of room and time to get out of the it’s way, the driver of this red BMW E39 BMW 5 Series ( with no ABS braking system apparently) thought that it was a good idea to not pay attention to where it’s heading.

Seriously, we think there must have been some issue with his car for his wheels to lock up the way they did, these car’s are equipped with ABS braking system.

At least his airbags were still working and emergency medical services got to him immediately, though it wasn’t like they had any choice.

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