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Fiat Ducato Factory – Video

Fiat Ducato Factory – Video

Ducato is made in the Sevel Plant in Atessa, Val di Sangro, Italy, the largest light commercial vehicle plant in Europe. The bases which are converted into motorhomes by expert converters and hit the road as recreational vehicles have been made here since 1981. Six generations of Ducato have rolled off the lines of the plant onto the roads of Europe for the satisfaction of hundreds of thousands of users, merit of its many body variants, the square and regular shape of its loading compartment, its efficient chassis and its car-like driving. Qualities like these make it the best-seller on all major markets across Europe and the ideal base to be converted into a motorhome. Experts are expecting 120,000 new registrations in 2018, which is about 10 per cent increase on last year. Demand is growing year after year on all markets and has totalled approximately 50 per cent over four years.

The market leadership of Ducato results from its technological primacy and its ability to anticipate customer needs, with solutions which make the work of converters more efficient and life on-board more pleasant for users. Solutions are chosen to relieve motorhome users from vehicle-related worries so that they can focus on the excitement of their holidays. The Sevel Plant was developed in parallel with Ducato with constant investments in terms of flexibility, quality and manufacturing capability. A little over six hundred people were employed in the Sevel Plant in 1981 and seventy vehicles were made a day. Today, 1200 vehicles in an amazing array of different configurations roll off the lines every day. The plant is one of the most complex in the world in terms of level of specialisation, organisation and implemented work methods. Furthermore, it has earned a Silver medal in the World Class Manufacturing programme which involves over 160 FCA plants in addition to suppliers and multinationals. The Silver medal certifies that high efficiency, organisation, involvement and quality standards are implemented. The plant employs roughly 6,400 people, which reach 12,500 counting the suppliers operating in the district. The average age is about 45 and women make up over 21 per cent of the entire workforce. The plant hosts the Academy, a centre of excellence where resources are trained and Team Leader are continuously updated.
The Academy is the place where people meet to improve training, leadership, simulation and innovation in four different areas. Here it is also possible to learn about future technologies connecting our business in different areas as quality, ergonomy, complexity, workpace.