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Fiat 500 Collezione In Milan – Video

Fiat 500 Collezione In Milan – Video

The presentation event for the new Fiat 500 Collezione, the Fiat special series inspired by autumnal hues, featuring new, unexpected colour and material combinations, was held yesterday evening at the Rinascente department store in Milan.

To launch the new fashion star, Fiat chose to team up with another leading name from the style and fashion world – L’Uomo Vogue – with which it shares the same values of elegance and attention to details. Over more than half a century, the two Italian brands have made a major contribution to the world of style and design, setting new trends and exporting Italian excellence worldwide, becoming internationally recognised icons in the process. Both brands have accompanied, reflected and sometimes influenced consumption habits and lifestyles in Italy and the world, and above all, they have exported Italy worldwide.



The event was attended by Luca Napolitano, Head of EMEA Fiat and Abarth brands, and Emanuele Farneti, Editor in Chief of L’Uomo Vogue and Vogue Italia. They made fascinating contributions to a discussion on the values shared by the Fiat brand icon and L’Uomo Vogue. Luca Napolitano reasserted the concept: “That of the Fiat 500 is a true success story. It is the car that in over 60 years has taken a bit of Italy onto the streets of the world, becoming the most global Fiat car of all. And the 500 is worthy of a magazine cover on which it turns into a magnet that attracts other icons of style and design. This is why we chose to team up with L’Uomo Vogue, with which we share common values, for the launch of the new 500 Collection”, he said.

It is more than a simple metaphor, since the Fiat brand and L’Uomo Vogue teamed up to create the launch commercial of the car. In the video, the magazine appears in shot showing the face of the model on the cover. His eyes and face start to move as if he were following something: the new Fiat 500 Collezione has entered the room and its wake flips open the pages of the magazine to the style section. The cult objects on the pages come to life and, attracted by the 500, get into the car. When the magazine is closed again, the Fiat 500 Collezione has taken over the front cover, becoming the real star of the magazine just like the super model it is. “L’Uomo Vogue has been the ambassador of Italian style in the world for 50 years”, said Emanuele Farneti, director of L’Uomo Vogue. “For this reason, we were happy to partner up with an Italian icon like 500, and even more so in a truly disruptive way. For the first time, the pages of a fashion magazine come to life, starting from the cover. This surprising and fun idea reasserts the common vision of two time-honoured Italian brands capable of speaking the language of today”.