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Cleetus’ Garage on MUSTANG Hitting Crowds – Video

Cleetus’ Garage on MUSTANG Hitting Crowds – Video

Cleetus' Garage on MUSTANG Hitting Crowds (2)


Cleetus McFarland is back again, but this time…in a MUSTANG! In this extremely high risk stunt, Cleetus attempts to leave a car meet without hitting a crowd of people standing on the curb! Lately, these Mustangs have been known to attack spectators without warning, so to put the theory to rest, Cleetus gets behind the wheels and puts it to the test!

If you’ve noticed a cavalcade of Mustang Memes floating around the internet these past few days and have no idea why, not to worry as we have the answer. A rash of Mustangs crashing at local car meets in the United States has caused the internet to turn their rage against these drivers who have no regard for everyone’s safety into humor at these unfortunate accidents. Which if you think about it, is actually a brilliant way to deter such shenanigans from actually happening in the first place.

Mostly stock RWD cars have been crashing while leaving car meets ever since car meets where a thing. Only now has the phenomenon of lining up at the end of a driveway to watch the line of cars exiting become a thing. With everyone armed with smartphones, your chances to get some real street cred by making an epic exit increase exponentially at this exact moment. It can also ruin a car meet (not to mention your ego and ride) if you screw it up and wreck.




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