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British Racing Green BMW M3 F80

British Racing Green BMW M3 F80

This is the first time we have seen a new BMW M3 F80 in British Racing Green color, but now that we’ve actually seen this shade of color photographed in Sweden we have to admit that we absolutely love it. There’s just something classy about this color that makes the German sports sedan look so elegant. As the name suggests, this beautiful paint color has its origins in British racing history which began in the early 1900s with British race cars. A century later Jaguar Racing brought back the color in Formula One greasy and since then other British manufacturers such as the luxury us Bentley and sport luxury Aston Martin followed suit by offering the trademark racing green on many of their vehicles.

Obviously BMW is not a British automobile, although it has previously offered a British Racing Green option for Mini Cooper which is owned by BMW due to the brand’s heritage and country of birth. We’re not sure if the BMW M3 featured in these photos was painted by BMW or if it’s an aftermarket paintwork, but it’s certainly a different alternative to the typical flashy paint colors that we often see on these particular vehicles .


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