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Bentley Continental by Startech

Bentley Continental by Startech

Startech has just unveiled the first pictures of its package for the Bentley Continental. The Brabus-owned company says it has made more advancements to the Continental through its mods, which include carbon fiber trim parts both inside and out, green piping and accenting, plus custom 22-inch rims.

It all comes together in a special way, and the green accenting really pops – regarding it, you either like the modifications it creates or you don’t, but it certainly won’t be to every Bentley buyer’s delight.

The example car featured in the pictures below features all of Startech’s exterior carbon parts for this model. They range from a front splitter that attaches to the stock front bumper, two panels around the side air intakes and a carbon diffuser at the back.

It all blends together very cohesively, the mark of a capable tuner, and if you have a Bentley like this and are not 100 years old, then this kind of youthful spruce-up might be fit for you.

The Startech tuned Continental will debut at the Frankfurt motor show later this week.

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