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ADV.1 Wheels At Asia Auto Salon 2015

ADV.1 Wheels At Asia Auto Salon 2015

When you’re going to an car “parts & accessories” show in ASIA, you’re bound to to see some really awesome wheels along the way.

Here we have a full list of cars that were on display, wearing custom ADV.1 wheels – with each set more crazy than the next.

Even though the rims were at the center of everything, it’s hard to outshine a whole bunch of colorful supercars, ranging from Lamborghini’s to Ferraris to McLarens and so on.

We’ve seen the Lamborghini Aventador, a couple of Gallardos, a McLaren 12C, Nissan GT-R (obviously), BMW M6, Ferrari 458 and even a Chevy C6 Corvette.

Even thought it’s the most obvious vehicle out there, the orange Aventador also rocks an awesome set of ADV05|S M.V2 CS wheels – much like the ones we saw on this Porsche 991 Targa.

The yellow Lamborghini Gallardo is wearing a set of ADV10 Track Spec CS Series wheels, which look a lot like the 2005’s, but with more spacing between the spokes.

We already showed you that particular model on this Corcvette C7 Z06 as well as this Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Also, it’s a shame we don’t get a better look at that blue Bimmer M6 Cabrio – it seems to have a really cool custom trunk lid spoiler.