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05/30/2019 DPCcars Videos

05/30/2019 DPCcars Videos

The sporty high society has arrived in Munich at the latest with the introduction of the BMW 8 series. And as expected, luxury in an even more sporty form is now coming from Aachen.

The tuning specialists from AC Schnitzer are bringing the 8 series onto the road with performance upgrades including warranty for the 840d with 235 kW/320 hp to 279 kW/380 hp and for the M850i with 390 kW/530 hp to 456 kW/620 hp. They also give the 840d the AC Schnitzer engine optics.

The 8 series by AC Schnitzer also continues to be sporty and luxurious when it comes to the exhaust system for the M850i. Only with AC Schnitzer sports rear silencers, including 2 exhaust flaps each with 2 carbon “Sport”, “Sport” or “Sport black” tail pipes (right/left combination, 4 pieces), the “Luxury” mission has not been completely fulfilled, yet.

With the AC Schnitzer sport rear silencer with sound pipe and 2 carbon “Sport”, “Sport” or “Sport” tail pipes each (right/left combination, 4 pcs), 8 series enthusiasts can clearly stand out from the crowd visually and above all acoustically.

The lowering with AC Schnitzer suspension spring set (front / rear: each approx. 20 mm compared to the standard suspension) in combination with various aerodynamic components allows the 8 series to lie confidently and stable on the road according to its status.

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