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2016 BMW M3 F80 LCI updated tail lights – Video

July 27, 2015 |

2016 BMW M3 F80 LCI updated tail lights. This car has Amber turn signals because it is European spec. U.S. Cars will continue to have red turn signals as usual. Similar situation with the lack of reflectors on the fenders … Read More

Bugatti Super Sport Crazy Wrap

July 27, 2015 |

Southern California’s own Sticker City isn’t new to the wrap game. We’ve seen what they can do when given the chance to wrap a McLaren P1 and Porsche 918’s. Now a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has been given the Sticker … Read More

2015 Corvette Z06 C7 Crash At The Track

July 26, 2015 |

Just because someone has the money to go out and buy a high-performance sports car doesn’t mean they’re going to race one properly. Case in point: this Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 accident that happened on July 7 at a SCCA Track Night at … Read More

Trofeo Fiat Abarth Race Car Nasty Crash – Video

July 26, 2015 |

Normally when we talk race track accidents the focus is on F1, NASCAR, GT racing or amateur hour at the Nurburgring due to their high speeds.

We often overlook that if it has four wheels and a motor it can and will be raced, … Read More

Gray BMW 1M with black wheels looks mean

July 26, 2015 |

As one of the most collectible modern-day BMWs  today, the BMW 1M serves as proof that you don’t need a lot of horsepower or a great deal of exterior modifications to put together an awesome looking and performing package.

It’s small and short, it’s … Read More

First US Spec Porsche 991 GT3 RS Photoshoot

July 26, 2015 |

This is the very first Porsche Porsche 991 GT3 RS built in U.S. specification and has arrived at IMOLA Motorsports in Plymouth, Minnesota.

For this special occasion, professional photographer Alex Bellus had the opportunity to take some nice photos with Porsche’s latest naturally … Read More

Texan couple Dodge Viper collection is 79 cars now

July 26, 2015 |

Remember that awesome Texan couple with 65 Dodge Vipers? Well, that number has now gotten bigger to a jaw-dropping 79 vehicles.

Wayne and D’Ann Rauh have recently taken delivery of two more brand new Dodhe Viper GTC models customized through the “1 of 1” program, now … Read More

Mythbusters – Can a home drone slice your throat – Video

July 26, 2015 |

Mythbusters checks to see if a home drone can slice your throat if it accidentally flies out of control. They use a chicken form a grocery store to demonstrate the destructive force of the drone blade. Check out the chicken vs drone … Read More

Signal Green Porsche 918 Weissach

July 26, 2015 |

The production of the Porsche 918 Spyder has come to its final car, which means the final deliveries are on their way to their new owners and after that there will be no new and different Porsche 918 for us … Read More

Stock Ferrari 458 Speciale vs Tuned 600HP Audi R8 V10 Plus – Video

July 26, 2015 |

Stock Ferrari 458 Speciale vs Tuned 600HP Audi R8 V10 Plus, this race is as close as it can get. We actually thought the Ferrari would take the win  by a large margin due to its light weight.

  … Read More

Orange Aston Martin Vulcan

July 26, 2015 |

The good folks at InAutoNews had the chance to take several photos of a stunning Aston Martin Vulcan painted in bright orange.

The car is being exhibited at the Nürburgring test center and as most of you know it is Aston Martin’s solution to recent … Read More

Street Race – Challenger Hellcat vs GMC Truck

July 26, 2015 |

Street Race featuring Challenger Hellcat vs GMC Truck. We will just say this, watching this race surly surprised us. We would like to know what tires the truck was using to have that much traction off the line.

Challenger Hellcat Specs

Read More

3000HP Camaro Turbos filled with sand after it goes off road – Video

July 26, 2015 | | One Comment

Doug Cline was having issues with his 3000hp twin turbo Drag Camaro on the last day of Rocky Mountain Race Week, and to his surprise, after pushing through some fuel build up off the line his car did 190mph after breaking … Read More

Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Flyby at 235.7mph on public road – Video

July 26, 2015 |

Two Bugatti Veyron’s going full throttle test their limits during the 2015 Sun Valley Road Rally event, where the one-off 1200 horsepower Bugatti Veyron Vitesse L’Or Rouge, nicknamed HELLBUG from its license plate, reached a top speed of 235.7mph / 379km/h.

The … Read More

Self Driving Car in 1971 – Video

July 26, 2015 |

The mysterious selfdriving car under study at the Road Research Laboratory. Developers at the time ssaid by the year 2000 everyone could be sitting in the back in their vehicles – letting a computer do the driving.


Read More

White Ferrari 488 GTB Looks Amazing

July 25, 2015 |

White Ferrari 488 GTB Looks Amazing, to be honest just about any color would look good on this car.


The Ferrari 488 GTB is has a 3,902 cc (238 cu in) all-aluminium dry sump unit of the Ferrari F154 engine family. … Read More

Drag Race – Tesla Model S P85D Insane Mode vs McLaren 650S Spider – Video

July 25, 2015 |

Drag Race featuring Tesla Model S P85D Insane Mode vs McLaren 650S Spider. we are surprised how fast the McLaren takes off with only a two wheel drive system. Anyway once they start moving the Tesla does not stand a chance.

Read More

59 BMW M5 E60 Exhaust Sounds – Video

July 25, 2015 |

At one time the BMW M5 E60 was the fastest four-door sedan on the planet. The E60 M5 has been a favorite with car guys ever since its introduction a decade ago with the V10 engine.



To celebrate the car … Read More

More affordable Tesla Model 3 will be quicker than BMW M3

July 25, 2015 |

It seems like Tesla always does new things to stay in the news. Last week we were salivating over the announcement of the crazy “Ludicrous Mode” and now there’s news about the company’s entry-level Electric Vehicle, the Tesla Model 3. Autocar is … Read More

2016 BMW 1-Series Interior spy photos

July 25, 2015 |

Chinese spy photographers have spotted a BMW 1-Series Sedan and they managed to take some shots with the interior.

There’s really not much to talk about as it seems the interior cabin layout will be largely sourced from the BMW 2-Series … Read More

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