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Rolling Race – Stock Audi RS7 vs Tuned BMW M5 F10 – Video

July 20, 2015 |

Rolling Race featuring Stock Audi RS7 vs Tuned BMW M5 F10. The BMW M5 F10 have full exhaust intake and tune so it is no surprise who will win the race.

In case your wondering here is the Audi RS7’s stock specs:

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Drag And Rolling Race – Tesla P85D vs BMW i8 – Video

July 20, 2015 |

When dealing with an electric car like the Tesla Model S there’s an advantage at play if you’re drag racing from a standing from a dead stop. That’s because electric motors don’t need to rev up to get to their … Read More

BMW M3 Individual with silver and blue interior

July 20, 2015 |

BMW Individual has put together a BMW M3 Sedan with a special exterior color and a two-tone cabin.

This custom high-performance sedan has been pampered with the BMW Individual extended fine-grain Merino leather finished in a bi-color Silverstone and Fjord Blue with contrasting stitching … Read More

BMW M5 Exhaust Sound Battle E34 vs E39 vs E60 vs F10 – Video

July 20, 2015 |

After all these years which sounds the best?


The BMW M5 E34 vs E39 vs E60 vs F10?


Everyone has their favorite. But only one is turbocharged.


Our favorites are the E39 and the E60.


But … Read More

Tuned Audi RS6 vs tuned BMW M5 F10 – Video

July 20, 2015 |

Tuned Audi RS6 vs tuned BMW M5 F10, both German muscle 4 doors sport a V8 twin turbo engine.

Both cars are tuned but the M5 has the exhaust mod advantage.

Tuning on the BMW M5 F10:

* Schmiedmann Muffler … Read More

2016 BMW X1 with M Sport Package in the wild

July 18, 2015 |

The new 2016 BMW X1 equipped with the awesome optional M Sport Package has been captured in the flesh.

Making the switch to a controversial front-wheel drive layout, BMW’s second generation of the BMW X1 SAV is probably not as appealing … Read More

BMW E30 V8 TURBO Highway Drifting – Video

July 18, 2015 |

These cars are getting do desirable but the drifting scene due to their light weight and excellent balance.


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2016 BMW 7-Series Manhart MH7 700

July 17, 2015 |

If you’re interested in a more aggressive new 2016 G11 BMW 7-Series, Manhart might just have answer you’re looking for.

Even though this is just an imagined photo, we are fairly certain that a final product is going to out-shine the stock … Read More

Uniquely specced BMW 435i M Sport in Abu Dhabi

July 17, 2015 |

By this time we all knowt that BMW Abu Dhabi is the coolest dealer of the German brand in the world. We are basing that on the fact that they always get the best colors and options BMW has to offer. This … Read More

BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition by TVW Car Design

July 16, 2015 |

German performance tuner TVW Car Design has released an upgraded version of the M4 DTM Champion Edition.

It was October 2014 when BMW decided to celebrate Marco Wittmann’s triumph in the 2014 DTM season by launching a special edition BMW M4 … Read More

Exhaust Battle – BMW E92 M3 Custom Exhaust vs AC Schnitzer BMW M4 – Video

July 16, 2015 |

We all know that the BMW E92 M3 was the only BMW M3 ever made with a V8 under the hood and what seemed like sacrilege at the time it came out became legend afterwards. That’s right, the S65 4-liter BMW V8 … Read More

Performance Packed BMW M235i At BMW Abu Dhabi

July 15, 2015 |

For some people, buying a fast car isn’t enough anymore, unless they turn it into a really great visual experience. This M235i Coupe definitely looks like it means business.

Let’s not forget, this is a vehicle that has been called in … Read More

E92 BMW M3 Is the Best Car Under $35,000 according to Vehicle Virgins – Video

July 15, 2015 |

E92 BMW M3 Is the Best Car Under $35,000 according to Vehicle Virgins. Check out the video and decide for yourself.

Also in your opinion which is the best M3 ever made. Please let us know in the comments below.

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BMW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research Black Vehicle Sound – Video

July 14, 2015 |

Automakers will soon be required to sell a certain amount of no emission cars in America by law, so the only question is whether those vehicles will be powered by giant battery packs, or equally large high-pressure hydrogen tanks.


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Lexus RC-F vs Cadillac ATS-V vs BMW M4 – Video

July 14, 2015 |

There’s a small group of vehicles that are as at home on the track as on the daily commute and they won’t break the bank account.



Cars.con goal here was to test three of them against one and other … Read More

2015 BMW 228i vs MINI Cooper S – Video

July 13, 2015 |

The new 2015 BMW 228i xDrive and the 2015 MINI Cooper S don’t really compete or do they? They share one critical and important component that makes them more similar than you think as Emme and Roman found out in … Read More

Auto Guide – 2016 BMW X6 M Review – Video

July 12, 2015 |

2015 BMW X6 M is an unconventional SUV vehicle. It weighs more than a Ford F-150 truck, has the ground clearance of a Chevrolet Colorado Truck, yet has more power than a Porsche 991 Turbo S.

2016 BMW X6 M … Read More

Widebody TAG Motorsports BMW M4

July 11, 2015 |

Over the past few months or so we have seen performance tuners from all over the world do all sort of things with the M4. We thought there cannot possibly be a mod for this car that hasn’t already been done. … Read More

Slammed BMW 435i on Vossen 20 inch VLE-1 – Video

July 10, 2015 |

This is an unusual mod to do to a car as serious looking as BMW 4 Series, but we have to admit the end result does look cool to those that are into these kinds of mods. It’s like seeing a … Read More

1988 E30 M3 inspired by DTM

July 10, 2015 |

Ask several well veteran car collectors which make and model has considerably increased in both value and demand over the past few years and you’re likely to get this answer: E30 M3. Why this car? Because it’s “God’s vehiclet,” that’s why. Hard to argue … Read More

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