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TheSmokingTire – BMW Z4M Coupe Review – Video

July 21, 2015 |

The BMW Z4M coupe is an often overlooked model in car enthusist matket, but with the S54 Engine from the BMW E46 M3, it is something you should consider since we predict the prices will go up in a few years.

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Drag Race – Twin Turbo Camaro vs Single Turbo RX-7 – Video

July 21, 2015 |

Drag Race fracturing Twin Turbo Camaro vs Single Turbo RX-7, both cars are super fast with the Mazda having some turbo lag but when the power comes on it starts pulling on the Camaro.



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$1,600,000 Million Porsche 904 Carrera GTS Sounds Awesome – Video

July 21, 2015 |

Youtuber Gumbal has filmed an unique Porsche 906 Carrera GTS racing on circuit SPA-Francorchamps. The legendary Porsche 904 Carrera GTS is today considered one of Porsche’s most desirable and collectible models ever produced. The Porsche 904 Carrera GTS has a 1,991 cc … Read More

Toyota WRC Master Tommi Mäkinen Testing GT86 4×4 Rally Car – Video

July 21, 2015 |

Earlier this month Toyota had a press release about rally legend Tommi Mäkinen will lead its WRC team as it returns to the top class of rallying starting from 2017.

Tommi Mäkinen who was the former world rally champion will be team … Read More

Chris Harris – McLaren 675LT Review – Video

July 21, 2015 | | One Comment

Chris Harris test drives the  McLaren 675LT. It’s a brief first drive at Silverstone in the lighter, faster McLaren 675LT variant. It’s a bit fast even for him.

McLaren 675LT Specs

MAXIMUM SPEED 330KPH (205MPH) 0-100KPH (62MPH) 2.9s 0-200KPH (124MPH) … Read More

Audi RS7 With Matte Green Custom Wheels

July 21, 2015 |

If you’re in the mood for something a little bit more superhero like the Hulk, check out this 2015 Audi RS7 and its matte green wheels!

Here’s something you already know: some people tend to think that the rear of … Read More

Subaru WRX STI NR4 Spec for Australia – Official

July 21, 2015 |


Subaru hasn’t said much about the vehicle itself but they confirmed it features their tried and proven turbocharged 2.0-liter engine and will need to be equipped with FIA-approved roll cage which can be ordered at the time of when you order … Read More

Chrome Wrapped Nissan GT-R by Prodrive

July 21, 2015 |

Thai performance tuner Prodrive who pimp out all sorts of sports and super cars on a regular basis have come up with an unusual none performance treatment for the Nissan GT-R R35. When this car gets upgraded, it is usually with … Read More

How to buy an older Porsche 911 by Harry Metcalfe – Video

July 21, 2015 |

This time Harry’s helping out future 911 buyers by explaining what to look for when purchasing a classic and slightly more modern Porsche 911. His examples for this valuable and money saving lesson are two absolute beauties that are about … Read More

Fifth Gear – Alfa Romeo 4C Review with Vicki Henderson – Video

July 21, 2015 |

Vicki Henderson from Fifth Gear test drives the new Alfa Romeo 4C round the beautiful welsh roads, but Vicki finds that it needs more attention than she originally thought.

Alfa Romeo 4C Specs

ENGINE TYPE:turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 16-valve inline-4, aluminum … Read More

1000HP Nissan Juke R Review – Video

July 21, 2015 |

If we needed any more convincing that Russians are “different,” then we now have it. Russian tuning firm Shpilli Villi engineering has just taken the Nissian Juke, a cute, fun none performance car, and turned it into a 1000-horsepower monster thanks to a … Read More

How To Build Your Supercar Out Of Fiberglass

July 21, 2015 |

Not everyone has the money or resources in life to be able to afford their own supercar. Whether it’s a supercar or any other high end car, budgets are often the problem. But this 27-year-old Chinese man, Cheng Yanski, didn’t … Read More

Hot babe learning how to drive stick in a half million Porsche 997 GT3RS 4.0 – Video

July 21, 2015 |

Salomondrin is back at it again with his awesome car collection and videos on YouTube. This time he takes a cute girl, Whitney Wagner, out for her first time driving stick.

However, the first vehicle she learns to drive manual on isn’t … Read More

Porsche 991 facelift filmed in almost production form up close – Video

July 21, 2015 |

The refreshed Porsche 991 has returned in a very close up detailed video and photos, recorded at the Hockenheimring track in Germany.

We’ve already seen the 991.2 Porsche testing in Prague and at the Nurburgringtracks, but this is the closest view so … Read More

BMW M4 Crashes Into Forest – Video

July 21, 2015 |

The BMW M4 is an awesome piece of modern German engineering and a perfect blend of luxury, sport and performance all wrapped into one.

Power comes from of a 425 horsepower, twin-turbo inline six-cylinder that propels the German vehicle to 60 mph in … Read More

Distracted trucker crushes Ducati motorcycle – Video

July 21, 2015 |

Is it even  possible to miss a motorcycle that’s standing right in front of you while driving at walking speeds?

Who knows what he was doing  or where his mind was travelling during this incident, but the UK trucker was completely … Read More

Street Race – LaFerrari vs Ferrari F12 – Video

July 21, 2015 |

Street Race featuring LaFerrari vs Ferrari F12, even though the F12 took the jump it was no match for the big brother.

LaFerrari Specs

ENGINE TYPE:DOHC 48-valve 6.3-liter V-12, 789 hp, 516 lb-ft; AC permanent magnet synchronous electric motor, 161 hp, … Read More

Street Race – Challenger Hellcat vs Supercharged Mustang GT vs Hennessey Camaro Z28 – Video

July 21, 2015 |

Street Race featuring Challenger Hellcat vs Supercharged Mustang GT vs Hennessey Camaro Z28.


We are not sure what exactly the cars have as far as mods but if they hang will a Hellcat from a roll at high speeds they … Read More

Which is Faster – Stock BMW M4 vs tuned BMW 335i – Video

July 21, 2015 |

There is so much power ready to be released from tuning a 335i or 435i, the question is will such a car beat a stock M3/4? Also compare the sound of the cars at the end of the video.

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Concorso d’Eleganza Poltu Quatu 2015

July 21, 2015 |

The event took place from Thursday 9 July to Sunday 12 July and it featured a plethora of exquisite automobiles. Anything from rare inter-war Bugattis, all the way to coachbuilt exotica and rally-inspired, homologation-special supercars; I’m talking, of course, about … Read More