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Mercedes-AMG GT S vs Porsche 991 Turbo S vs Nissan GT-R 45th Anniversary

July 20, 2015 |

Three of the best performing cars go head to head in the latest Motor Trend battle.

When the Nissan GTR came out in 2009 (US Spec) it looked like it was unbeatable and no one would take away the crown. … Read More

Nissan GT-R Nismo Review By Hooniverse – Video

July 20, 2015 |

The Nissan GT-R has been a bit of a polarizing machine since it’s arrived in 2009. Some love it while others feel it can be a bit soulless and self driving.

Regardless, there’s no denying its amazing performance. Additionally, the vehicle has … Read More

Drag Race – 545HP Nissan GTR vs 550HP Porsche 997 Turbo – Video

July 18, 2015 |

Drag Race featuring 545HP Nissan GTR vs 550HP Porsche 997 Turbo.


The Porsche 997 Turbo is tuned and we are guessing Tune and exhaust since the older 997 turbo only had around 480HP.


But the Nissan GTR is a … Read More

Wide Body Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R by RACE!

July 17, 2015 |

The tuning company RACE! South Africa is an absolute authority in exotic high end car tuning in that part of the world. We have seen of some of their finest works in the past, now lest’s check out the latest … Read More

Drag Race – 600HP Nissan GTR vs 570HP Lamborghini Superleggera – Video

July 17, 2015 |

Drag Race featuring a tuned 600HP Nissan GTR vs a stock 570HP Lamborghini Superleggera.

This race is as close as it can be.

Lamborghini Superleggera LP570 specs:

DISPLACEMENT:318 cu in, 5204 cc

Power: 562 bhp @ 8000 rpm Torque: 398 lb-ft … Read More

Drifting with a 1000HP VR38DETT Nissan 200SX S13 – Video

July 17, 2015 |

Talented italian drifter Francesco Conti driving his new drift car for the first time! It’s a Nissan 200SX S13 powered by a VR38DETT with a mighty Nissan GT-R R35 engine swap which is able to produce up to 1000 horsepower with a pressure of … Read More

Street Racing – 1250HP Street cars vs Turbo Hayabusa – Video

July 16, 2015 |

That Racing Channel recently made a one night trip to Michigan to check out their extreme street scene.


They were not disappointed when they saw this line up of super fast cars & even faster motorcycles going into war on the … Read More

GTR vs Mustang Street Race Fail – Video

July 15, 2015 |

GTR vs Mustang Street Race Fail, this is the most common fail people do at a beginning of a drag race.


After an epic burnout you have to back the car up to the line.


In this case … Read More

Drag Race 800HP Nissan GTR vs Tesla P85D – Video

July 14, 2015 |

Tesla driver found a nice 2010 Nissan GTR to run against him. The GTR was running E85, Bigger Turbo’s, and stock transmission (basically between alpha 7 and alpha 9 levels). Easily making 800 plus horsepower, Off the line the Telsa took … Read More

Motor Trend – Randy Pobst Takes on Pikes Peak with PPR Nissan GTR – Video

July 13, 2015 |

Randy Pobst takes on the amazing and scary Pikes Peak Hillclimb in a Nissan GT-R racecar. Packing nearly 700 horsepower, a full rollcage and racing sticky tires, this race prepped NissanGT-R was designed and built for the sole purpose of conquering the peak. … Read More

Man catches dealer mechanics taking his car out for Taco Bell run – Video

July 13, 2015 |

Mark this story up as one of the weirdest ways a mechanic (mechanics, in this case) has ever lost their nice job.

Randy Jones dropped off his beloved Nissan 350Z for service at a Nissan dealership and then headed into work at a … Read More

Awesome Short Movie Starring Nissan GTRs

July 12, 2015 |

The abundance of 4K cameras and displays is bringing the world some utterly fantastic car related videos. If you like seeing Jeff Zwart powering up the Pikes Peak course in high-def glory but wish for some hugely powered Nissan GT-Rs in place … Read More

Both Stock – Nissan GTR 550HP vs Porsche 991 GT3 PDK – Video

July 11, 2015 |

Both Stock – Nissan GTR 550HP vs Porsche 991 GT3 PDK,  this race surprised us. We knew the GTR is faster but by how much. Any one wants to take a guess in the comments before watching the video.

Nissan … Read More

Auto X – GranTurismo vs Tesla Model S P85D vs R35 GTR – Video

July 10, 2015 |

It can be done with all sorts of cars, but the most spectacular shows are those where big-engined supercars are involved. However, this is not the place where you’d normally go to see a Model S, but we live wacky … Read More

Drag Raging ALPHA OMEGA R35 GT-R Will Scare You – Video

July 10, 2015 |

With the Texas Speed Syndicate King of the Streets victory in the books, it was time once again to focus on the drag strip for their shop Nissan R35 GT-R ALPHA OMEGA. OMEGA bas been doing its part to really test … Read More

Street Race – Stock 2015 Corvette C7 Z06 vs Switzer Bolt On Nissan Nismo GTR – Video

July 8, 2015 | | 4 Comments

Street Race – Stock 2015 Corvette C7 Z06 vs Switzer Bolt On Nissan Nismo GTR. The mods on the GTR are unknown but it sure put a smack down on the mighty C7 Z06 vette.

2015 Corvette C7 Z06 Specs.

Read More

Anti-Lag on 565HP Nissan Skyline GTR R33 V-Spec – Video

July 8, 2015 |

565HP Nissan Skyline GTR R33 V-Spec. This car is  fast and the anti-lag revs sounds amazing too!

Here is some information on the Stock GTR R33 V-Spec:

The V-Spec was launched by Nissan synchronous with the Skyline GT-R in January 1995. … Read More

How to fix a scratched Nissan Skyline R33 with a sharpie

July 8, 2015 |

Collen Kelton the owner of the R33 is one fortunate man to be married to artist Allison LaValley. Because after his beloved Nissan Skyline R33 got a small scratch on its bumper, his talented wife decided to cover it up with a … Read More