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Autonomous 2017 Audi Q7 Piloted Driving Concept – Video

January 5, 2017 |


Nvidia may be best-known for video games, but its deal with Audi to provide the smarts for an autonomous vehicle in 2020 demonstrates that it’s not just playing games in the artificial intelligence realm.

The expanded Audi partnership, … Read More

Motor Trend 2016 european car 2.0T Tuner GP – Video

December 28, 2016 |


Tuner GP is back with a new name and new focus. The european car Magazine 2.0T Tuner GP Presented by Continental Tire set out to pit street-tuned European cars that came with a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine or smaller … Read More

802HP Audi S8 Talladega R By MTM Launch Control – Video

December 26, 2016 |


The Audi S8 Talladega R by MTM is essentially the updated version of the Talladega S. The company didn’t mess with the figures as they were considered bonkers-enough, instead they focused on improving the power delivery.

Zero to … Read More

Audi Merry Christmas Featuring Audi R8 – Video

December 25, 2016 |


Happy holidays to every driver from Audi.



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Audi S3 With AWE Exhaust – Video

December 24, 2016 |


– 3” CNC mandrel-bent system – Max gains of 17 hp and 23 ft-lbs of torque at the crank – Available with 90mm or 102mm double walled adjustable tips, Chrome Silver or Diamond Black – Handcrafted from T304 … Read More

Drag Race – Mercedes AMG GT S vs Audi R8 V10 – Video

December 23, 2016 |


Mercedes and Audi have very different ways of making supercars. The Mercedes is curvy, twin turbocharged and rear-wheel drive, while the Audi is full of angles, has a naturally aspirated V10 and quattro four-wheel drive. But which comes … Read More

2017 Audi A3 Hatchback Overview – Video

December 23, 2016 |


2017 Audi A3 Hatchback Overview highlighting the key new features of the new 2017 A3 three door hatch.



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2017 Audi SQ7 Overview – Video

December 23, 2016 |


Audi’s ultimate hedge against the alternative-fuel future is offering every possible type of powertrain. In Europe, various members of the Audi lineup can run on natural gas, hydrogen, electricity, gasoline, or diesel, and there are all sorts of … Read More

Drag Race – Audi R8 V10 vs RC Audi R8 – Video

December 22, 2016 |


An Audi R8 V10 is a seriously *fast* supercar.

But is it faster than a radio-controlled equivalent? Autocar got a 1/6th scale Losi 6IX Audi R8 LMS car to put it up against.

Watch as they test them head-to-head over … Read More

Audi RS7 vs MTM RS6 Sedan Stage 3 V10 BiTurbo C6 – Video

December 21, 2016 |


Rolling race featuring Audi RS7 vs MTM RS6 Sedan Stage 3 V10 BiTurbo C6.



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2017 Honda NSX vs Audi R8 V10 Plus – Video

December 19, 2016 |


Carfection pit together the futuristic Honda NSX against the sort-of-old-school Audi R8 V10 Plus. Is the future a better place?




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Audi S8 Plus Review, Test Drive, Interior – Video

December 17, 2016 |


Brute power and a traditionally unassuming design make the S8 Plus a veritable wolf in sheep’s clothing. The “Plus” means the twin-turbo V-8 now makes 605 hp—85 hp more than before—while a rear-biased all-wheel-drive system makes sure all … Read More

Audi R8 e-tron Charging – Video

December 16, 2016 |


The R8 e-tron 2.0 is fitted with a T-shaped lithium-ion battery shoehorned into the center tunnel and behind the passenger cell; it will be a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, and it can go a full 280 miles on an electric … Read More

2017 Audi SQ7 ABT Exhaust Sound Control – Video

December 15, 2016 |


Huge power can be turned into both a visual and acoustic treat as well: A lot of development work and the stainless steel structure makes the ABT rear muffler always perform very well indeed. The 4-end pipe optic … Read More

Audi vs Porsche Racing Friendly Rivalry – Video

December 15, 2016 |


This is how Porsche would like to say goodbye to Audi. They had some tough fights.



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520PS Audi RS3 By Oettinger – Video

December 14, 2016 |


The output of the famous 5-cylinder turbocharged engine has jumped all the way to 520 PS, while torque is up considerably from 465 to 680 Nm. We don’t need to tell you that this is more power than … Read More

Drag Race – 2017 Audi R8 V10 vs V10 Plus – Video

December 9, 2016 |


Audi’s everyday supercar is now in its second generation, and comes in two different guises, The standard V10 model has 533bhp, while the V10 Plus version has 602bhp but is 35kg heavier. So, how much difference does those … Read More

Audi Networks With Traffic Lights – Video

December 7, 2016 |


If you know in advance when a traffic light will switch from red to green, your driving is more relaxed and efficient. With the “traffic-light information online” Audi is the first automobile brand to connect the car to … Read More

Audi Q2 Deep Learning Concept – How Audi Cars Get Smarter – Video

December 5, 2016 |


Self-learning systems are a key technology for piloted driving cars. The Audi Q2 deep learning concept, 1:8 scale model car, is a pre-development project. In the next step, the developers are transferring the parking-space search process to a … Read More

2017 Audi Q7 Driver Assistance Systems – Video

December 2, 2016 |


One highlight of the new Audi Q7 is the comprehensive portfolio of new driver assistance systems, including adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assistant. No other production vehicle in the world currently offers more.



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