Top 5 Sexiest Mustangs

There's no question that the Ford Mustang, regardless of year, ranks in the minds of car enthusiasts as sexy. The sleek design of the originals and the subtle variations made to the car as time goes by all add to the car's sexy reputation. However, there are models that stand out in the collector's eye.

Regardless of the model you have, or the model you're looking to buy, you want to be sure that you have it adequately insured. And these beauties are going to run you a pretty penny, nothing like you'd see for your motorcycle at

The 1967 Mustang
This was the first model to ditch the original "Pony" interior for different colors and a wider number of accessories. The 67s are also noteworthy as the first batch of Mustangs to be manufactured for Ford by the A.O. Smith Company in Ionia, Michigan.

The 1965 Ford Mustang
You can't go wrong with a Mustang from the first year of production. It's the image that baby boomers think of when you say the word Mustang. It's a proven classic from the word "go." And go it does when kept in great working shape. Plus, you can't go wrong with a car that's immortalized in a Wilson Pickett song. Remember Mustang Sally?

Any Shelby Mustang
If you can get your hands on an original Shelby from any year they were produced, 1965-1970, then you know you've died and gone to Mustang heaven. Even now these cars pack an emotional punch as effective as the power they put out under the hood.

The 1967 Mustang Shelby Cobra GT 500 and GT 350
These two variations were the epitome of high-performance cars in the mid-60s. They're best known for their wide double racing stripes running up the hood.

60s-era Mustang Convertibles
Any convertible that is still in working order from the 1960s can definitely fall into the category of sex machine. Who doesn't have an image in their head of a beautiful blonde girl, hair blowing in the wind, headed for the beach in her Mustang with the top down?
The argument may last for eternity as to which Mustang is the sexiest. But if you own a Mustang of any type, you're already driving a truly sexy ride. That's true whether you're driving a restored relic from the 60s or one hot off the production line from this year.