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Yellow Scion FR-S with TRD Kit and Bronze Vossen Wheels

Yellow Scion FR-S with TRD Kit and Bronze Vossen Wheels

As you may have already figured out, we aren’t dealing with a show room stock Scion. This is the 2015 Scion FR-S Release Series 1.0,  with a price tag of over $31,00 and packed with lots of options. As standard, you get a whole bunch of parts designed by their performance department TRD, including a super hot front 3-piece spoiler, side skirts, quad tip exhaust, lowering springs, HID headlights, LED accents and a new special paint color called “YUZU”. Even dual-zone climate control and a TRD shift knob are thrown in to top off the package.

Around the back end, you may notice a GT-style trunk spoiler wing. We are not hundred percent those are factory LED taillights either!

The project vehicle also has a few unknown parts, such as the add-on rear diffuser that isn’t a TRD item. It makes the Scion FR-S drift car and shows the owner knows a fair bit about import vehicle parts.

The stock factory black wheels have been replaced out for a set of the latest Vossen VFS-2 alloys. These multi-spoke wheels have a bronze finish that sets off paintjob while giving the Scion a race-ready look. Even the wheel nuts have replaced by hot new titanium ones. Now this is what auctioning out the car is all about!

Overall, we’re looking at an impressive $40,000-ish Japanese sports car that started out as an affordable Japanese sports coupe. You could buy a lower-level Mercedes-Benz for that kind of money.That goes to show you the power of a popular cult car – if people love it, they will pay just about anything for it .

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