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Trofeo Abarth 124 rally Selenia Rally 2 Valli 2017 – Video

Trofeo Abarth 124 rally Selenia Rally 2 Valli 2017 – Video

Andrea Nucita, from Sicily, with Marco Vozzo, obtained the success in the Rally 2 Valli, the last race for the Trofeo Abarth 124 rally Selenia. He won the R-GT category and he conquered a great 7th place before all the other 2 wheels-drive cars.

A success that puts a stop on the incredible positive results of Fabrizio Andolfi Jr. already the winner of the Trofeo Abarth 124 rally Selenia, with 6 successes out of the 6 races previously disputed. These victories allowed him to conquer the Italian R-GT championship as well. In the rally 2 Valli, Andolfi, with Elia Ungaro, had closed first in the first race but on the second race day his wheel had a pucture. He concluded the race behind Nucita, and he demonstrated the great affordability of the Abarth 124 rally, with which he concluded all the 7 races of the trophy and the Rally of San Marino, on dirt, valid for the Italian rally Championship.

Even though he withdraw at the end of the second race, the young driver Andrea Modanesi from Brescia, with Andrea Albertini, is the Under 23 champion of the trophy.



The team of the Over 35 category from Rally Italia Talent formed by Nicola Schileo and Gianguido Furnari just missed the finish line. The team was driving an Abarth 500 R3T and they went off road at three races from the end.

Great debut at the Rally Vsetin, in Czech Republic, for the Abarth 124 rally of the Abarth Agrotec team. Martin Rada and Jugas Jaroslav concluded the race, improving their performances: a challenging test on their way for next season, for which the Czech team sees great goals.

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