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Tesla P85D Street Racing Muscle Cars – Video

Tesla P85D Street Racing Muscle Cars – Video

Tesla P85D Street Racing Muscle Cars (1)

Even though street racing should never be encouraged, this video does offer some very interesting footage in terms of how the Model S P85D matches up with a wide range of rivals, on four wheels as well as two.

The downside of racing in the street is the fact that it’s very dangerous. Speed limits exist for a reason and by breaking the law in such a way you not only put yourself at risk but others around you as well. Thankfully these guys only got on the throttle in a straight line and didn’t weave through traffic ‘Fast & Furious’ style.

Right off the bat, the Model S P85D is at a disadvantage since people didn’t seem all that interested in racing from a stand still. That meant that the Tesla’s instant torque advantage was canceled and when you’re going up against the likes of the C7 Corvette Z06.


On the other hand, cars like the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X don’t really stand a chance against the P85D, regardless of what type of start you do – case in point near the end of the video.

Same thing with the MINI Cooper and the supercharged Mustang, it wasn’t even close – but there are plenty of “battles” that you’ll need to see for yourself in order to find out how the Tesla did.

As for the 600cc bikes, well, some seemed perfectly capable of accelerating just as fast as the car, others not so much. It wouldn’t be fair to call the P85D as being quicker than a motorcycle, especially since these weren’t really the fastest bikes one could come across.

Also, since Insane Mode has recently made way for Ludicrous Mode, we should expect plenty of new clips where Model S owners are going to take revenge against petrol-powered cars that previously might have defeated their ultra-quick EV.

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