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Swincar – Is The Ultimate Off-Road Car

Swincar – Is The Ultimate Off-Road Car

If anything, the innovative Swincar takes independent suspensions system and tilting design cars to a completely new level. The body of the Swincar is suspended from a higher point and this allows it to swing to either side with ease when necessary.

And the reality that each wheel arms can move freely and independently enhances both the comfort and the ground tracking even in places when passage seems impossible.

Swincar wheels and the nacelle tilt independently

One of the coolest features of this ultimate off roader Swincar is that the nacelle and the wheels tilt independently, also. When turning, both wheels and the nacelle will lean into the curve, not unlike a motorcycle changes its position relative to the road when going around a bend.

However, when riding on a bank, the nacelle remains vertical, regardless of how the wheels need to travel to track the ground. The axles have independent axis, and one can effectively ride on completely different tracks if need be.

And to make everything even more cooler, all the tilting is made mechanically, with no electronics, sensors or computers, gyros or anything like that. The linkage is engineered to smartly and efficiently react to terrain changes and provide the best response for optimal balance and traction.

An year-round concept that can even receive skis

The Swincar concept can also be changed in a variety of ways that even include skis for coasting down snowy slopes. Dual wheel clusters for each arm, linked with tracks are also a possibility, as well as a choice for cross or street tires.

The Swincar is electrically-operated, with hub motors offering all-wheel traction. Cue the fact that steering involved all four wheels and now try to imagine all the possibilities.

Mecanroc‘s invention already earned prized in design competitions, and we hope an investor picks it up to deliver the ultimate electric AWD spider quad out there.

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