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Subaru WRX STI S207 – Official

Subaru WRX STI S207 – Official

S207 Main Features

Tokyo, October 28, 2015 – Subaru Tecnica International (STI),*1 the motorsports division of Fuji Heavy Industries, will launch a limited-edition model based on the “WRX STI” on December 1, 2015. Just 400 units of the model, dubbed the “S207”, will be available.

Taking the WRX STI as its base, this complete car from STI features exclusive engine and suspension tuning as well as distinctive interior and exterior design. Embracing the STI concept of offering the ultimate in road driving, the S207 stands at the pinnacle of the STI complete car lineup and aims to be the world’s most enjoyable vehicle, providing a feel-good experience to all those who travel in it regardless of road conditions and enhancing driver skill.

Special engine tuning boosts maximum power output to 328 PS. Handling is enhanced by a quick steering-gear ratio of 11:1, the addition of original STI components including a flexible tower bar, DampMatic® II front suspension with adjustable damping (a first for a Japanese automaker), and front-rear Active Torque Vectoring, all of which combine to achieve a strong yet flexible ride and sharp cornering. Driving performance has also been enhanced with Brembo 6-pot brakes in front and 4-pot brakes at the rear, both featuring monoblock opposed-piston brake calipers and drilled rotors (2-piece type in front); specially designed 255/35R19 tires; and an exclusive large front spoiler. Special design elements serve to heighten driver anticipation and the joy of ownership, from the rear-bumper air outlet on the exterior to exclusive STI-spec Recaro front bucket seats and customized sports instruments on the interior.



Evoking the spirit of the Nurburgring 24-Hour Race, where the WRX STI continues to vie for honors, an “NBR Challenge Package” is also available (limited to 200 units), featuring an exclusive dry carbon rear spoiler and an ornament commemorating Subaru’s victory in the SP3T class*2 in the 2015 Nurburgring 24-Hour Race.

The S207 is available in three body colors: WR Blue Pearl, Crystal White Pearl, and Crystal Black Silica. Additionally, a 100-unit limited run of the “NBR Challenge Package Yellow Edition” in vivid Sunrise Yellow will be on offer as a special model.

The S207 must be ordered by March 6, 2016,*3 and sales are limited to 400 units.

■Suspension / Mechanism
・ Exclusive STI-tuned Bilstein front struts (DampMatic® II, inverted-type) and coil springs

・ Exclusive STI-tuned Bilstein rear dampers and coil springs

・ STI-designed BBS 19-inch × 8 1/2J forged aluminum wheels (silver)

・ Exclusive 255/35R19 92Y tires (Dunlop Sport Maxx RT)

・ STI-designed flexible tower bar, front

・ STI-designed flexible draw stiffener, front

・ STI-designed support front kit

・ STI-designed flexible support subframe, rear

・ STI-designed pillow ball bush rear suspension link (front and rear lateral links inside)

・ STI-designed Brembo front monoblock opposed-piston 6-pot brake calipers (silver

coated with STI logo) with STI-designed Brembo 18-inch 2-piece drilled disk rotors

・ STI-designed Brembo rear monoblock opposed-piston 4-pot brake calipers (silver coated

with STI logo) with STI-designed Brembo 18-inch drilled disk rotors

・ Exclusive high-output balanced engine

・ Exclusive engine control unit (ECU)

・ Exclusive twin scroll ball bearing turbocharger

・ Exclusive performance muffler with lowered back pressure (featuring STI logo) teamed

with exclusive rear exhaust pipe

・ STI-designed strengthened silicon intake duct

・ Exclusive quick-ratio steering gearbox (11:1)

・ Exclusive Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) system

・ Exclusive Active Torque Vectoring system

・ STI-designed low-pressure-drop air cleaner element

・ STI Performance Oil (Motul 5W-40)

■Controls / Instrument Panel / Warning Lights
・ Exclusive luminescent instruments (with multi-information display and STI logo)

・ Exclusive multifunctional display

・ Central instrument panel visor (covered in silver-stitched leather-finish material)

・ Exclusive leather-wrapped steering wheel (highly tactile leather, chrome bezel, metallic

finisher, silver stitching)

・ STI-designed push-type engine switch (red with STI logo)

・ STI-designed leather-wrapped shift knob (with STI logo)

・ 8 speakers (4 front, 2 rear, 2 in instrument panel)

・ Black roof antenna (shark fin type)

・ Exclusive STI-spec Recaro front bucket seats (leather [black semi-aniline finish on inside of

main and side panels, silver stitching and accents] embossed with STI logo and equipped

with seat heating and supplemental restraint system side airbags)

・ Rear seats : black leather with silver stitching and accents

・ Exclusive instrument panel (red with S207 logo)

・ Silver stitching on door trims

・ Exclusive side sill plates (silver with S207 logo)

・ Exclusive serial-number plate (console)

・ Exclusive mesh-type front grille (cherry-red stripe with S207 ornament)

・ Exclusive large front under-spoiler

・ Black side garnish with STI emblem

・ Exclusive metallic side sill moldings

・ Exclusive rear bumper (cherry-red stripe with air outlet grille)

・ S207 rear ornament

■NBR Challenge Package: Exclusive Equipment
・ Exclusive Ultrasuede-wrapped steering wheel (with silver center marking)

・ Exclusive red seatbelts

・ Exclusive emblem (rear)

・ STI-designed BBS 19-inch × 8 1/2J forged aluminum wheels (black)

・ Exclusive dry carbon rear spoiler (with S207 logo)

■NBR Challenge Package Yellow Edition: Exclusive Equipment
・ Black door mirrors

・ Exclusive yellow side sill plates with S207 logo

・ Exclusive black side sill moldings

S207 Major Specifications

Model name/type Subaru CBA-VAB
Overall length/width/height (mm) 4,635 × 1,795 × 1,470*
Tire tread F/R (mm) 1,535/1,550
Min. ground clearance (mm) 135
Dry weight (kg) 1,510
Gross weight (kg) 1,785
Type/category EJ20 horizontally-opposed 4-cylinder (Boxer)
2.0-liter DOHC 16-valve dual AVCS twin-scroll turbo
Max. output (net) [kW (PS) / rpm] 241 (328) / 7,200
Max. torque (net) [Nm (kgm) / rpm] 431 (44.0) / 3,200–4,800
Fuel tank capacity (liter) 60
Fuel type Unleaded premium gasoline

*:The figure includes roof antenna. Roof height is 1,460 mm.

Sales Target
Limited to 400 units (must be ordered by March 6, 2016)
●NBR Challenge Package limited to 200 units
-NBR Challenge Package Yellow Edition limited to 100 units (must be ordered by November 30, 2015)

Recommended Retail Prices

Model Price (yen)


Grade Engine Drive Transmission Including






S207 Standard-issue model 2.0 liter



DOHC Turtbo engine

AWD 6MT 5,994,000 5,550,000
NBR Challenge Package 6,318,000 5,850,000
NBR Challenge Package

Yellow Edition

6,372,000 5,900,000
Since these vehicles have been customized, they must be presented at a Transport Bureau Branch for registration.

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