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Smart Fortwo PSM123 by Aspec

Smart Fortwo PSM123 by Aspec

The fortwo is an easy car to customize because everything is made from plastic. Aspec changed the “hood” to a racing design with fake vents. It’s not going to make the car faster, but you will look cool when changing the window washer fluid.

The bumper is also new and closely mirrors that of a Mercedes-AMG C63. In fact, we’ve shown you a wagon from Brabus in this particular green color. The gunmetal accents are also a nice touch. Aspec worked har to change everything. They’ve installed a new grille, side skirts, and larger black wheels. The lights and windows were tinted, obviously.

But the back is the best view, as a massive wing now lives on top of the trunk lid.



The exhaust is what you’d call a work of art, with immaculately finished pipes, resonator and a butterfly valve system that activates via remote. A new airbox and slightly larger air intake also contribute to extracting more power from the tiny engine.

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