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Renault SYMBIOZ Demo Car – Video

Renault SYMBIOZ Demo Car – Video

The Symbioz doubles as a self-driving car and an extra room in your home. To fill both roles, the Symbioz is not too big but not too small, measuring 15.4 feet long, 6.5 feet wide, and 4.4 feet tall. Its large car proportions afford a comfortable interior dressed with wood, marble, felt, and porcelain. A glass roof makes the cabin even more airy, as does the lack of a B-pillar.

One version of the Symbioz, called the demo car, hints at what we could expect future cars to look like in 2023. Drivers can switch between autonomous mode and manual mode by pushing the Renault logo in the middle of the steering wheel. While traveling in autonomous mode, the steering wheel and dashboard move back to free up room in the cabin. The interior can be configured in three different ways. One layout retracts the steering wheel and dashboard to allow extra foot room, while another called the “French Kiss” lets the driver move closer to the person in the front passenger seat. A “Relax” position lets drivers recline in a zero-gravity position. When the car is operating in manual mode, drivers can choose between a comfort and sport setting.


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