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Rare Tanzanite Blue color combo BMW M3

Rare Tanzanite Blue color combo BMW M3

The Luxury sports car market is becoming more and more like the high-end smartphone market in the sense that potential customers want not just awesome specifications, but great styling and trendiness to boot. That is why we are getting more cars like this BMW M3, a superbly well-specced BMW M3 with super special options and colors.

And as usual, this fantastic BMW M3 is to be found at the showroom of BMW Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The things that set this BMW M3 sedan apart from your average, run of the mill M cars include an ‘Individual’ and very rich looking Tanzanite Blue color, custom M Performance parts, exclusive two-tone interior, and an Akrapovic performance exhaust system.

The unique Tanzanite Blue paint work on this BMW M3 is paired with a carbon fiber roof and carbon aero parts from the M Performance Parts.The front grill is left in its original chrome form and the mirror caps in body color. Usually on speced-out M cars these parts are either carbon or gloss black. Whoever did this Bimmer though, knew what they were doing.

As good as the exterior is, we are totally blown away by the interior specs and color of this blue BMW M3 sedan. Here you will find an abundance of gorgous red leather complemented with black leather as well as Alcantara, completed with contrast stitching and carbon fiber accents. It looks like such a nice place just to sit in.

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