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Range Rover Chassis with classic Mini body and V8 engine

Range Rover Chassis with classic Mini body and V8 engine

Sometimes, you have to go deep down the eBay rabbit hole in order to find the sort of contraptions that are special. The offroading Frankenstein we’re here to discuss serves as a perfect example of this.

Imagine a Mini body on a Range Rover chassis. In fact, you don’t have to imagine it, as this is exactly what we found in an eBay ad.

This is a Mini that uses the carmaker’s Mayfair edition flavor, while the Land Rover underpinnings mean the vehicle has genuine offroading abilities.

The chassis has been cut down in order to fit the Mini clothes of the vehicle, while the floorpan is a custom job, one that seems to have taken quite a bit of work to complete.



As you can expect, the Land Rover package also includes the rest of the car’s tech bits. For instance, this means we are dealing with a 3.9-liter V8, which works with an automatic gearbox. You know, for the moments when you just want the cruised through the city in a relaxed manner.

The transfer cases and the axles are also rock solid, so if you get tired of the traffic and decided hit the countryside, this machine will serve you well. Oh, and in case you overcook things and happen to tipple over, you should know the thing comes with a roll cage.

Sellers always like to bring their goodies under the spotlights and here’s the description for this vehicle : “looks good drives well. iv done about 500 miles 15 months.”

The man also explains the are a few panels that need some painting work, adding that no rust has appeared on the car.

We suppose those of you who feel 101 percent British might consider this as an option for a second or third car. By the way, the financial side of the story sits at EUR10,980, $12,100.

source: eBay